Why Duff Goldman Isn't Worried About His Daughter In The Spotlight

One unexpected side effect of fame is that the eyes of the world sometimes land on those closest to you. While some celebrities keep their families firmly out of the public eye, chef Duff Goldman takes a more casual view. To the delight of his Instagram following, he is happy to share family moments, and his feed is peppered with images of his young brood hanging out.

In a conversation with The Daily Meal, Goldman discussed how the complexities of fame don't impact his life with his daughter. He hasn't even considered not posting about her like any other dad. "We're not that big; I'm not that famous," he says.

"I think other people are more worried about it than I am. My wife, the same thing," Goldman muses. Judging by the comments on a picture of him, his wife, and his daughter wandering Disneyland hand-in-hand, fan reaction seems generally wholesome. Discussion of Goldman's daughter focuses on her rapid growth, with one user exclaiming that she "is getting so big! I hope she had fun!" Understandably, the chef isn't concerned by the community's response to seeing his daughter grow up. He explains that it's hard to imagine negative reactions to such an image. "She's cute. A baby walking around Disneyland. Who doesn't love that?"

Fans appreciate Duff Goldman's normal lifestyle

Duff Goldman credits his relatively normal lifestyle to endearing people to his family. "We take her to gymnastics. We don't have a nanny; We don't have a cook. I think people really appreciate it," he states. Goldman's humble beginnings as a chef seem to keep his feet on the ground.

He also thinks that it is a comfort for other parents to see that the trappings of parenthood are universal. Posting about family life shows that "we're just like everyone else trying to figure it out one day at a time," he says. The interviewer agrees that their involvement as parents is appreciated, prompting Goldman to mention that he and his daughter "built this little barn [together]." In a relatable aside to any parent with a crafty kid, he adds, "Well, I did most of it. She kind of hangs out and slaps paint."

While Goldman does get recognized, it doesn't keep him from living his life. "We go to the grocery store like normal people," he says. Questions from the public generally relate to cooking advice, such as asking him to help pick out an avocado, so he's "not ever worried" about being approached. Fans say that Goldman is a pretty chill guy in real life, so his relaxed outlook seems to track.

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