A Lazy Susan Is Key To Making TikTok's Viral Ombre Cake

Baking a cake is one of the nicest gestures someone can do for another — they are time-consuming to make, but worth the celebratory outcome. When it comes to decorating, not all of us are equipped with the steady hands and decorating skills needed to level up a cake from amateur to professionally piped. Fortunately, if you have a lazy Susan, you can accomplish a low-effort cake that looks high-quality. TikTok's viral ombre cake is something beginner cake decorators can easily try, even without a fancy cake turntable.

A frosting ombre should look diffused and seamless. It's a style that relies heavily on careful blending — but don't let that scare you. Instead of painstakingly turning your 3-D canvas (the cake) inch by inch as you work your way around it blending colors, repurpose a lazy Susan for cake decorating. The idea is to get the cake spinning as you frost it. By giving the lazy Susan a gentle spin, you can focus on keeping your spatula steady and blending the frosting in a smooth and even manner.

Lazy Susans make cake decorating easy

Using a lazy Susan for a frosting ombre is a very forgiving process. No matter what kind of technique you follow, doing a frosting ombre has room for error. Your piping or placement of colors may look messy to begin with, but they will evenly smooth out as the spatula glides over the frosting. The most important thing to do is properly center the cake on the lazy Susan. This will allow you to keep even pressure on the frosting without even picking up the spatula.


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This lazy Susan ombre hack is just as good for making single-color ombre cakes, like this green ombre cake, as it is for creating a sunset or a rainbow. Since a lazy Susan makes color blending easy, all sorts of wacky color combinations can look good. In addition, a lazy Susan can assist with other decoration techniques, like making ridges in the frosting. Starting at the base of the cake, place a spoon on the frosting and give the lazy Susan a spin. With just a small amount of pressure, a perfect ridge will form with the curve of the spoon. If a smooth surface is your desired look, a large flat spatula held to the spinning cake will smooth out any flaws. 

More advanced cake decorators can even try a ruffled ombre cake piping trick that plays with colors and textures at once.