The Big Rotisserie Chicken Change Costco Started Rolling Out

Costco is making a big change to its popular rotisserie chicken. Although the recipe is not changing, the chicken is getting new packaging. Costco's rotisserie chicken has a cult following for its bargain price, taste, and unexpected juiciness, but the hard plastic shells that once lined the store's gleaming hot shelves will be replaced with plastic bags. Rumblings of this change began on social media, but it has since been confirmed by some shoppers that Costco is rolling out the new packaging in stores.

To say the least, there are mixed opinions on new plastic bags. "I miss the plastic container. I never had any fluids leak like it does sometimes through the bag," one Costco shopper commented on Reddit. Customers who prefer plastic containers frequently save and reuse them or repurpose them for other things. One Redditor mused, "Man, it was nice being able to pick the chicken in the container and use the lid as the discard for bones." Reddit does agree upon one thing, and that's how the plastic bags are "So much easier to get into the fridge." 

The change has environmental benefits

The original Reddit post (now deleted) that alerted Costco customers of this change contained an internal employee memo stating that Costco was changing the rotisserie chicken packaging because the new bags are a 75% decrease in plastic from the hard plastic containers. Even if they miss the original containers, customers can get on board with the eco-friendly initiative. Along with not wasting food, buying less food in plastic packaging is a way to make your grocery store trip better for the planet

This change is a positive one, but some Costco shoppers wonder why the company chose chicken out of their many similarly packaged products. Bakery items, like croissants, also come in large plastic shells. "I remember when croissants came on a cardboard tray ... If [Costco is] so intent upon reducing plastic packaging, the bakery's a great place to start," observes one Reddit user. Still, when it comes to helping the environment by reducing plastic, one place to start is as good as any. Whether you're feeling inspired to help the planet or just disappointed by the new plastic bags, maybe it's time to try making a copycat Costco rotisserie chicken with the perfect spice blend.