The Spices Needed To Make Perfect Copycat Costco Rotisserie Chicken

Costco may be known for its wide selection of deals, but newbies and dedicated fans alike know there's one deal that's become a true favorite of value-minded shoppers: the rotisserie chicken. Though it's typically sold for just $5, it's equally beloved for its delicious flavor. But what might surprise some fans of these Costco birds is how simple it is to recreate the seasoning the store uses for that mouthwatering taste.

Making a copycat Costco rotisserie chicken, as created by Mashed recipe developer Lindsay D. Mattison, requires just four ingredients outside of the bird itself. These are kosher salt, ground black pepper, paprika, and garlic powder. The first two are probably already in your kitchen, and if you don't already have the latter two, you can find them at almost any supermarket or grocery store. The result of this carefully tested blend is, as Mattison told Mashed, "the perfect amount of smoky, pungent, spicy, and salty flavor."

The finer points of simple spices

Beyond the basics, there are a few things to know about this humble but flavorful spice mix. Kosher salt is preferable to table salt or sea salt due to its larger crystals and purer flavor that stems from a lack of additives. Meanwhile, you should use freshly ground black pepper, which ensures the flavor compounds haven't had time to oxidize and lose some of their spice.

While garlic powder's origins are relatively obvious, people are generally less familiar with paprika. This spice is created when peppers (typically bell or chili) are dried and ground into a powder. Most everyday paprika contains a hint of sweetness, though smoked and spicy versions are also available.

Lindsay Mattison's recipe notes that one particular ingredient is absent from this copycat: MSG. The common but sometimes controversial flavor enhancer isn't listed among the ingredients of Costco's chickens, meaning home cooks can skip it, as well. The next time you're craving a Costco rotisserie chicken but don't feel like fighting the crowds and long lines, just remember that this four-ingredient blend can turn any chicken into a reliable, delicious dinner-table star.