Costco's New Burger Kits Have Reddit Feeling Short-Changed

Costco is known for making life just a little easier. It's a one-stop shop where you can buy the best pre-made meals, allowing you to cross "make dinner" off your to-do list. In its latest attempt at bringing the goods, the warehouse club's in-house deli recently launched a bacon cheddar burger meal kit that Reddit is none too impressed with.

The burger kits contain four beef patties with bacon and cheddar cheese mixed in, four cheddar slices, two containers of burger sauce, and a smattering of lettuce, tomato slices, and sliced red onion. Strikingly similar to the Costco cheesy bacon burgers that had everyone talking in 2020, the kits cost $6.49 per pound and are generally priced around $17. "Didn't buy but thought I would share," wrote the original poster, adding, "Came with all the fixings except the buns. Anyone tried?" While it seemed few people had tried the burgers, many people had opinions about the kits.

"Neat, but why are they that color? Doesn't seem like a 'kit' without a bun," one commenter wrote. "I think we're seeing a lot of bacon mixed into the patties," another said in response. "Still, 16 bucks to make four burgers," another chimed in.

No buns, big problem!

In another Reddit thread about the burger kits, some were extremely concerned about the whereabouts of the buns. "I don't want none if it ain't got buns, hun," one commenter quipped. "Just let me purchase 24 buns for my 4 burgers," said another. "If I'm buying 4 cheeseburgers in the deli I don't need 24 from the sales floor," another stated. Even the chicken burger kits that had Costco shoppers divided in 2021 came with buns!

Still, $17 seems like a good deal when you consider the cost of buying cheese, ground beef, a pack of bacon, and vegetables. As one commenter pointed out, it's also not much more expensive than four fast-food burgers, and sometimes, you just want something quick and easy, without having to think about wrapping up loads of leftovers.

Laura Jayne Lamb, who runs the @Costcohotfinds Instagram account, tried the burgers and rated them"10/10" in a video. She seemed to have little concern about the price or the fact that she had to supply her own buns. "I had a feeling this burger was going to be good," she says in the video, "but with bacon and cheddar in every bite, I was blown away by how good it was."