Costco's New Chicken Wrap Features A Fan-Favorite Ingredient

Costco's rotisserie chicken has something of a cult following, partly thanks to its meal-prep potential and low price point. To the joy of rotisserie fans, the bulk-buying giant has released a delicious new Tuscan chicken wrap which features none other than Kirkland Signature rotisserie chicken. Kirkland Signature is Costco's private line, meaning when you see a label in Costco proclaiming something to include "KS rotisserie chicken," as the new Tuscan wrap does, it's because it uses the coveted Costco rotisserie chicken.

Each Tuscan chicken wrap box comes with four wraps of yellow tortilla filled with tri-colored bell peppers, black olives, spinach, cream cheese, red pepper pesto, and, of course, KS rotisserie chicken. If that sounds a bit dry to you, don't worry — each box also includes a container of sun-dried tomato spread for you to dip or smother at your leisure. This combination of tastes marries the light sweetness of bell peppers with the subtle richness of olives, pesto, and sun-dried tomatoes, and it has already impressed customers. Over on the Costco subreddit, one user sang the wrap's praises, saying "This is so much better than the turkey pinwheels ... the dipping sauce is also really good."

How to make your own Costco Tuscan chicken wrap at home

One of the big pulls when it comes to KS rotisserie chicken is that it's cheap, right? Depending on your location, these birds can cost as little as $4.99, which is incredible value when paired with the fact that you can make the most of Costco's rotisserie chicken by incorporating it into multiple meals across a few days. You might be a little disappointed to know that the wraps cost around $17 per pack, which is significantly more expensive than getting a whole bird. Again, this is location-dependent, but it still stings that a wrap is so much more expensive than an entire chicken. 

Let's say, hypothetically, you have a Costco rotisserie chicken (or a copycat Costco rotisserie chicken recipe) and plenty of potential fillings already in the kitchen. There's absolutely nothing stopping you from whipping up your own version of the wrap using the same or similar ingredients. As well as the ingredients listed earlier, Costco's version also uses a mixture of spices to add extra flavor to its wrap, but luckily you can find the full list if you look in the right corners of Instagram and TikTok. To mimic Costco's Tuscan spice mix, you'll need paprika, turmeric, cilantro, powdered jalapeño, and powdered tomato. Serve with the red version of pesto in place of the sun-dried tomato dip, and you're golden.