Frozen Quiche Brands Ranked Worst To Best

Whether as an appetizer at your next dinner party or as part of a brunch menu, a good quiche can really hit the spot. Part pastry, part egg, quiche really checks a lot of boxes. Making quiche can be time-consuming and difficult, though. That is where frozen quiche comes in. Frozen quiche can help you get delicious food on the table in a pinch but, as with all products, not all frozen quiche is worth the money.

That's why we compared six frozen quiche brands to determine which ones you should stock up on. While there was no requirement that these had to be mini quiches, most of them were, and all of them were smaller than a standard 9-inch quiche.

We used several factors to determine our ranking. We looked at the flavor and texture of the crust and filling as well as the crust-to-filling ratio. We also considered factors such as price, but only when it came to a tiebreaker. We found that there was a clear line between the quiches we would eat again and those we would not.

6. The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market really got our hopes up. It often offers high-quality products, and this one had a premium price tag but, sadly, it did not live up to our expectations. Like most of the frozen quiches on this list, the box contained a selection of mini quiches rather than one large one. These came in three flavors: spinach and Swiss, mushroom and pepper, and three cheese.

Our first issue was with the use of puff pastry instead of a more traditional pastry crust. The puff pastry was super flakey and made a mess. We could have lived with this if it tasted good, but it did not. The crust was bland and dry. Thankfully, the filling added some moisture to the mix, or we would have needed a glass of water just to get it down. Additionally, puff pastry bites are a thing, and we would argue they are distinct from quiche, yet this was marketed as the latter.

Finally, the fillings were not exceptional. The egg-to-spinach ratio was too low, and there wasn't much flavor in any of them. The three cheeses were surprisingly bland and lacked cheese flavor. There just wasn't much to love about these quiches, especially at the high price point.

5. Good & Gather

You may have noticed, based on the picture, that the Good & Gather quiche looked remarkably similar to the Fresh Market quiche. After tasting them, we can confirm they tasted identical to the point that we would not be surprised if the two shared a manufacturer.

Once again, this selection of mini quiches came in three flavors: three cheese and onion, spinach and Swiss cheese, and mushroom and pepper. These flavors were nearly identical to The Fresh Market. Additionally, eagle-eyed readers will notice that these quiches also use puff pastry rather than a shortcrust. We have already made our stance on the subject known, and we can confirm this puff pastry was equally as tasteless and dry as the other.

Since there was functionally no difference between the two products, you may be wondering why Good & Gather was ranked higher than its counterpart. The answer is simple: the box costed almost half the price of The Fresh Market. If we are going to eat mediocre quiche, we may as well pay less for it.

4. Appetizers To Go

Appetizers to Go brought a 10-count box of mini quiches with just two flavors: uncured bacon, cheese, and onion and spinach and cheese. The good news is that we finally had quiche in a shortcrust shell. While the shell wasn't setting the world on fire, it was perfectly serviceable.

The biggest issue with this quiche was the texture of the filling. The spinach and cheese filling was incredibly watery, unlike the other spinach-based quiches. We suspect part of the problem may be with the cooking instructions. This particular box instructs you to cook at a higher temperature for less time, which may have resulted in excess water in the quiche.

Ultimately, the crust was the reason this quiche got placed above Good & Gather. We appreciated having a real pie crust and while the spinach was watery, the uncured bacon, cheese, and onion quiche offered enough flavor to hold strong above the other two brands.

3. Whole Foods 365

The Whole Foods 365 Quiche Trio was really where things started to turn around in a good way. Not only was the package very reasonably priced, but it came with 15 mini-quiches, which was three more than the lower-ranking options. Beyond that, these quiches were actually pretty good.

These used a pastry crust, which we appreciated. While the crust wasn't perfect, the flavor was perfectly fine and it came in three flavors: three cheese, spinach Florentine, and mushroom. Once again, these flavors were similar to some of the lower-ranked options but were executed better. The Florentine was not watery and had an excellent spinach-to-egg ratio. The three cheeses had a more intense taste, and the mushroom was well-balanced. Overall, these quiches held together well. While they were not our favorite overall, these were perfectly good and we would not be upset if we were offered them at a party.

2. Trader Joe's Broccoli & Cheddar

Trader Joe's had the only non-bite-sized quiche available, and for that, we were grateful. However, it also meant we could only try one flavor. We chose the broccoli cheddar. We appreciated that the size was just right for a personal piece of quiche. It was, though, likely too small to share. This quiche had the best filling-to-crust ratio, as the bite-sized ones all had excess crust to hold the filling. Additionally, we loved that there were plenty of pieces of broccoli and cheese; T.J.'s did not skimp on the mix-ins.

The main thing that kept Trader Joe's out of first place was that the crust was a little underdone. The outside edges of the crust were cooked perfectly, but perhaps because this crust was bigger, we noticed that, especially towards the center, the crust got a little doughy. Additionally, while the filling was tasty and had a beautiful golden brown top, we do feel Trader Joe's went a little heavy on the pepper. The overall texture and ingredient ratios were still better than the other quiches.

1. Nancy's

Finally, we have Nancy's. These quiches are the ones we are most likely to buy again should we need to. First, they come in two classic flavors: Lorraine and Florentine. This may be one fewer flavor than some of the other mixed boxes, but we are looking for quality over quantity here. Speaking of quantity, this box is enormous, with a total of 32 quiches. The nice thing is, this is actually enough to have a party, considering you will likely eat four or five of them at a time.

The crust was buttery and delicious, and the fillings were well executed. The Florentine beautifully paired egg, Swiss cheese, and spinach with just a hint of onion. The balance was savory and not watery. The quiche Lorraine was smokey and different from anything the other companies brought to the table. Nancy's was the only company that truly wowed us with the flavor and texture of its quiche, so it earned the top spot.


All the quiches tested were available in-store or purchased at national chains. Since there was such a variety of flavors, we judged based on the quality of the execution rather than the flavors offered. All the quiches offered traditional oven and microwave instructions. We chose to prepare using a conventional oven to achieve the best result possible.

We tasted the flavor and texture of the filling and crust. We also paid attention to the ratios of filling to crust and add-ins to egg. Where all else was equal, we used the price and value as the determining factor for where a quiche fell in the ranking.