TikTok's Viral Chippy Boys Are An Easy 3-Ingredient Snack

There's something about finding a new favorite snack that reminds us of our inherent zest for life. When the workday is over, we can park ourselves in front of the TV and snack to our hearts' content, which becomes — if only for a moment — our sweet little secret. Recently, few things are bringing TikTok more joy than Chippy Boys.

Made famous by Toronto-based TikTok creator Kaelah (@kaelahe), Chippy Boys are the "wine night” take on a sheet pan nachos recipe that you never knew you needed. Sweet, salty, creamy, and crunchy, Kaelah's Chippy Boy creation is a snack that covers all the bases. Even better, with just three ingredients they couldn't be easier to throw together. They are made by plopping hunks of gorgonzola cheese over a sheet pan of kettle-cooked potato chips, baking them to golden perfection, and drizzling the whole ensemble in a sticky-sweet balsamic glaze reduction. 

In a video posted on March 14, 2024, Kaelah said, "The last time I made these, a lot of people commented and said they made them with either feta or goat cheese." Kaelah adds that while you can always use either option, the flavor of the gorgonzola is "just something you can't replicate."

Make chips into bite-sized charcuterie boards

While gorgonzola and balsamic are a classic pairing, the addition of chips and the nacho-style presentation is just the right amount of wacky to make Chippy Boys a totally brilliant concept. But as Kaelah clarified in a later TikTok, she's not the original mastermind behind the creation. Instead, she credits a restaurant in her hometown for coming up with the now-viral snack. "The first time I had them was at a restaurant in Middletown, Ohio," she said, adding, "I honestly don't even remember the name of it. It's closed now."

@kaelahe ♬ original sound – Kaelah 🩷

Kaelah claims her version of the snack doesn't hold a candle to the original (which, she said, the restaurant called "balsamic chips"), but the recreation has been part of her snacking repertoire for years. Her husband, who has been snacking right alongside her, is actually responsible for giving them the affectionate pet name TikTok knows them by: Chippy Boys.

You can easily buy a bottle of balsamic glaze at the grocery store, but if you want to gussy up the sophisticated snack even more, you might even try whipping up your own reduction using a sweet balsamic glaze recipe. Converted Chippy Boy fans in the comments even threw their topping ideas into the ring, offering up suggestions like chopped green apple, nuts, and scallions. Seems to us that if you employ the same principles you use to build the perfect charcuterie board to load up your Chippy Boys, you can't go wrong.