May Aldi Finds To Keep You Cool And Hydrated As Spring Heats Up

Depending on which predictions you follow (if you heed weather predictions at all), we're either in for an unusually hot or a milder-than-average summer. Aldi is taking the more optimistic view, bringing in a whole bunch of summery desserts, accessories, and gadgets for May, with a focus on drinks and drinks receptacles. These items inject a sense of fun into staying hydrated with fruity mixers, neat reusable bottles, novelty cups, coolers, and dispensers to keep you cool and refreshed as spring turns to summer. 

The items listed below are scheduled for a gradual release on each Wednesday of the month, with the first products hitting shelves on May 1 and the last on May 29. If you use Aldi for your weekly grocery shopping, you're likely to discover something new with each visit, so be sure to keep an eye out for these May finds as you make your way around the store. 

Sundae Shoppe Fusion Ice Cream Bars

Aldi kicks things off with a delicious duo of ice cream bars available in Vanilla and Forest Berry White Chocolate and Vanilla and Caramel Crunch Milk Chocolate flavors. Dropping on May 1 at a tempting price point of $3.49 for three bars, these delicious treats resemble Magnum ice cream bars and may find a spot alongside Aldi's best ice cream items.

Zak! Disney Licensed Stainless Steel Bottle

Zak! Disney Licensed Stainless Steel Bottles are big news for folks at the center of the Disney and pastel fans Venn diagram. On May 1, three Disney-themed steel bottles will hit shelves, all sporting characters we know and love against a subtle background. Each bottle costs $9.99, and you can choose one that features Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or Mickey and Minnie together. 

Crofton Cabana Sipper

If you want to drink out of something that doesn't have cartoon characters plastered all over it, all you need to do is wait until May 8 and pick up one (or more, if you like variety) of four Crofton Cabana Sippers. Each cup costs $5.99 and comes in four tropical patterns: pink cactus, pineapple, flamingo, and green cactus. 

Barissimo Brew Over Ice Coffee Cups

You can't beat an iced coffee on a hot day, and having a box of Barissimo Brew Over Ice coffee on hand is a great way to treat yourself without making the trip to your local coffee shop. Available May 29 and costing only $4.29 for a box that yields up to 12 cups, the mix comes in two varieties: Classic Black and Caramel Cookie. 

Adventuridge Bucket Cooler Backpack

Okay, now that we have all of these cool treats, where are we supposed to put them as we make our way to the park for a picnic? Look no further than the sleekly designed Adventuridge Bucket Cooler Backpack, which comes in four colors: tan, blue, coral, and black. These backpacks arrive in stores on May 15 and will cost $24.99 each.

Crofton Plastic Beverage Dispenser

Let's kick this summer picnic party up a notch with the Crofton beverage dispenser, perfect for a huge batch of sweet rum punch or whatever refreshing party drink strikes your fancy. The dispenser will arrive in Aldi stores on May 8, at a cost of $12.99. 

Sundae Shoppe Summer Gelato

If you prefer scooping ice cream from tubs to munching on bars, check out one of the three Sundae Shoppe Summer Gelato flavors arriving on May 15. The flavors are deliciously cake-themed, with Mocha Cookie Crumble, Peach Cobbler, and Birthday Cake varieties available to try. Each 28.5-fluid ounce tub costs $3.79. 

Bauhn 2-in-1 Water Bottle and Bluetooth Speaker

Let's throw a curveball into the mix with the Bauhn 2-in-1 Water Bottle and Bluetooth speaker, which doubles as both a novelty gadget and a great way to stay hydrated on the go. Fire the speaker up when you're bustling around the house or chilling in the garden to keep your ears busy with your favorite tunes or podcasts. The $9.99 bottle drops on May 29, with blue and purple options available.

Crofton 4pk Plastic Wine Glasses

If you're planning on picking up the Crofton Drink Dispenser, these plastic wine glasses will make great accessories. Arriving on Aldi shelves on May 8 and costing $3.99 per pack of four, these glasses come in four colors: blue, red, yellow, and green. Alternatively, you can pick up a pack with phrases printed on each glass. The variations include "Wine a Little Laugh a Lot," "Liquid Therapy," "If Found Empty Please Refill," and "Drink Happy Thoughts." 

Nature's Nectar Sparkling Drink Mixers

A tasty mixer can elevate a summer tipple or a refreshing cordial, so Nature's Nectar Sparkling Drink Mixers are well worth a look when they hit Aldi stores on May 15. These mixers come in watermelon, pineapple, and strawberry flavors and will cost $3.49 for a box of four cans. 

Crane Floating Drink and Ice Holder

If you have a pool (or a really big bathtub) at home, the Crane Floating Drink and Ice Holder makes for a great way to keep your drinks cool while you relax on a sunny afternoon. Arriving on May 29 and costing $6.99, this inflatable drink and ice holder comes in three different shapes: pineapple, palm tree, and avocado.

Crofton Cold Brew Coffee System

Infusing coffee grounds into water with the help of a filtration system, cold coffee brewing systems are a convenient way to drink great coffee on the go. Aldi fans will be excited to see the Crofton Cold Brew Coffee System return on May 15 after it caused a serious stir in 2023 — especially with its newly lowered price point of $9.99. The system comes in red, gray, blue, and black.

Sundae Shoppe Fruit Bars

If ice cream isn't your frozen dessert of choice, pick up a box of frozen Sundae Shoppe Fruit Bars. These bars arrive on May 15 and come in Piña Colada and Caribbean flavors. Despite the low $2.99 price point, these treats are packed with fruit. The Caribbean flavor, for example, contains strawberries, pineapple, coconut, and mango. 

Crane Flip Top Cooler

The final item on our list is the ultimate solo chilling experience. Arriving in Aldi stores on May 29, the Crane Flip Top Cooler will not only keep your snacks and drinks cool as you meander about in the sunshine, but it also functions as a makeshift table. It comes equipped with both a drink holder and a flap at the top that opens for storing summery snacks. The $14.99 bag comes in four patterns: palm leaves, watermelon, blue scales, and black and white.