Circle K Is Offering Scorching Hot Deals On Drinks (And More) This Summer

Proving that it didn't get the moniker "America's Thirst Stop" for nothing, Circle K is the place to be for ice-cold refreshment this summer. Until September, you can snag any size Polar Pop or Froster, up to 44 ounces, for just 79 cents only at Circle K. That's the best deal on beverages that you'll find just about anywhere. And with a plethora of Froster flavors available it's safe to say Circle K's icy treat game is in a league of its own. Whether you're traveling with your kids or simply one of those folks who likes to mix and match flavors, just imagine the 79-cent masterpieces you can create in a 44-ounce cup!

As if that wasn't cool enough, Circle K has also teamed up with PepsiCo to create a new Gatorade flavor: Lightning Blast. This limited-edition quencher can be found in one place and one place only — Circle K's fridges.

Get that Inner Circle treatment

Circle K is no stranger to collaborations with big names in the food world. Back in 2022, Mountain Dew dropped a fruity new flavor, MTN Dew Purple Thunder, that was exclusive to the beloved convenience store chain. Both the regular and zero-sugar versions of this blackberry-and-plum-flavored soda will grace the chain's shelves again this summer, available in packs of 12 and 15.

Circle K is all about making life easier for its customers. Fans across the country who are enrolled members of the free membership program, Inner Circle, can enjoy the same Froster and Polar Pop deal for 69 cents. Interested in Inner Circle? Join via the Circle K app and new members will get five free dispensed beverages and a special 25-cents-off-per-gallon deal on your next five fuel purchases just for signing up. It's the perfect "welcome to the club" reward for traveling professionals and truckers looking to save money while they're busy earning it. And if that's not enough, Circle K is known for its exciting promotions, so keep an eye out — there may be more savings and new products in store for you yet!

For more information on Circle K's beverage offerings, visit or locate your nearest Circle K via the store locator.