We Tried A Viral TikTok Jersey Mike's Sandwich Order To See If It Lives Up To The Hype

TikTok can't seem to get enough of custom Jersey Mike's orders. There was Nick Jonas' Jersey Mike's creation, which was a somewhat boring combo of provolone, turkey, ham, salami, lettuce, pickles, oregano, olive oil, and red wine vinegar on whole wheat bread. And who could forget the "BBBLT," a viral Jersey Mike's BLT with 24 pieces of bacon on it? Now there's a new sandwich taking TikTok by a storm. It was created by AllyLoRu, a previously little-known TikToker whose innocuous video of her go-to Jersey Mike's order captured the hearts (and stomachs) of millions of viewers.

Since this new trendy sub went viral within days without the aid of either a celebrity endorsement or an eye-popping, gimmicky list of ingredients, I was very curious to try it and see what the hype was about. While it's still inexplicable to me that this sandwich became an internet micro-celebrity, I can't say I was disappointed by it. Here's everything you need to know about the latest TikTok-famous Jersey Mike's order.

What's in the viral Jersey Mike's sandwich?

Per AllyLoRu's explanatory TikTok, her viral sandwich order starts as the #13 The Original Italian. This comes with five meats: ham, prosciuttini (a prosciutto-like cured pork product coated in black pepper), cappacuolo (another type of Italian cured pork), salami, and pepperoni. All of that salty, hammy goodness gets topped with a couple of thin slices of provolone cheese.

As for bread, AllyLoRu goes with rosemary Parmesan, which adds even more Italian flavor to the sandwich. She orders her #13 sandwich Mike's Way, so it gets garnished with salt, oregano, an olive oil blend, red wine vinegar, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. On top of that, she adds mayo, hot chopped pepper relish, and pickled banana peppers. She dubs this combo "Ally's Way."

This is not a simple sandwich, and there are many different tastes and textures going on, so it could easily devolve into an incoherent mess. However, AllyLoRu sticks exclusively to Italian deli classics with her meats and toppings, so it all makes sense together. If she started mixing in things like avocado or honey mustard, it would be a lot weirder.

Why did TikTok fall in love with this sandwich?

The short, flippant answer to this is "Why does TikTok fall in love with anything?" The algorithm is mysterious and impenetrable. The longer answer is that on March 6, 2024, AllyLoRu, a Long Island-based TikTok user who focuses on fashion, makeup, and food, posted an 8-second video showing off how good her Jersey Mike's order looked. For whatever reason, the video struck a chord and went viral, with thousands of commenters asking AllyLoRu what her secret sandwich order was. At the time of writing, the initial video has been viewed over 3.5 million times, and two follow-up videos have views of more than 1.5 million and over 660,000, respectively. This level of popularity is disproportionate with AllyLoRu's overall following; she currently has a modest 3,200-plus followers on TikTok.

It's worth noting that AllyLoRu's viral sandwich is quite similar to a Jersey Mike's order that went viral in 2023 (coincidentally, from another Ally). TikTok user allyvhenderson went with the #7 Turkey & Provolone, but she dressed it up almost the same as AllyLoRu: Mike's Way plus mayo and pepper relish on rosemary Parmesan bread. The only difference with her sandwich add-ons is she included pickles instead of banana peppers. Did allyvhenderson pave the way for AllyLoRu? Possibly, but it seems just as likely that TikTokers just love to see a beautiful-looking sandwich.

How does it compare to other Jersey Mike's sandwiches?

Any of Jersey Mike's cold subs can be ordered so-called "Ally's Way" by selecting the appropriate toppings from the menu. You can also add extra meat, cheese, bacon, or avocado to any of the restaurant's subs as well as alternative garnishes like jalapeños and various types of mustard. The Original Italian is Jersey Mike's most complex cold sub; it's the only one that comes standard with five meats. Many of the other cold subs, like The Super Sub, Stickball Special, and Jersey Shore's Favorite, are basically The Original Italian with one or two fewer meats. If you don't want to go with AllyLoRu's preferred rosemary Parmesan bread, your choices are white, wheat, or gluten free.

Jersey Mike's also has offerings that stray from the Italian deli formula, including a few varieties of club sandwiches, roast beef, and tuna. The chain serves hot sandwiches as well; its hot menu focuses mainly on different types of cheesesteaks, but there's also a shredded BBQ beef sandwich available at select locations.

How much does it cost and how can you order it?

At my local Jersey Mike's a regular-sized #13 "Ally's Way" costs $10.25 plus tax. All of AllyLoRu's customizations are free add-ons, so her order doesn't cost any more than the standard version of The Original Italian. Extra meat is a $1.85 upcharge, and extra cheese will cost you $1.15. If you want to add chips and a drink to make a meal, that's an extra $3.69. A mini sandwich is $7.75, and a giant one is $17.75. Prices may vary depending on where you live.

Unlike many viral TikTok foods, this isn't a complicated hack or a limited-time item. You don't have to go in person to try to convince a harried sandwich artist to construct an elaborate Jersey Mike's secret menu creation; the #13 "Ally's Way" can be ordered online using the standard options on Jersey Mike's menu, no special instructions needed.

What is the nutrition information?

The Original Italian sub in the regular size on white bread starts at 630 calories with no toppings. Rosemary Parmesan bread adds 30 calories. Ordering the sandwich Mike's Way brings the total up to 940 calories. Most of that comes from the olive oil blend, which is around 250 calories on its own. Mayo adds an additional 260 calories, making this a 1,200-calorie sandwich. All told, once you throw on the relish and peppers, you're looking at about 1,220 calories if you eat your sandwich alone and don't add chips and a soda. That's more than half of the recommended daily 2,000-calorie diet used to calculate nutritional labels. Depending on your calorie needs, the 750-calorie mini version of the sandwich may be an easier choice to fit into your diet.

Beyond its caloric value, the regular-sized #13 "Ally's Way" is a bit nutritionally concerning in other ways. It contains about 85 grams of fat, more than the 78 grams recommended as a daily value by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Its 3,421 milligrams of sodium are almost 1.5 times the FDA's recommended daily value of 2,300 milligrams for that nutrient. In other words, tasty as it may be, this sandwich is probably best reserved as an occasional treat.

Verdict: Is the #13 Ally's Way worth it?

This sandwich is unquestionably worth it. I jumped at the chance to review it because "Ally's Way" is identical to my go-to Jersey Mike's order. I'll even go so far as to say it's the best sandwich you can get from a national sub chain.

The rosemary Parmesan bread delivers notes of herbaceousness and toasted, salty cheese in equal measure. Even better, the Parmesan forms a crispy crust on the outside of the bread, giving it more textural interest. The mayo slathered on the inside acts as a barrier, preventing the other condiments and fillings from making the bread soggy. The dried oregano really comes through, lending a delectable savoriness to each bite. The relish and banana peppers contribute just a touch of heat as well as some tang, which sets off the fatty richness of the meats, cheese, mayo, and olive oil. The red wine vinegar adds even more acidity, making for a sandwich with an exceptionally balanced, but peppy, flavor.

The one minor weak spot of this sandwich is that the meats, veggies, and cheese aren't exceptionally flavorful on their own. While the meats are tender and taste good, they don't have the intensity of artisanal cold cuts from a real Italian deli. However, that's where the genius of ordering the sandwich "Ally's Way" comes in: The flavor-packed garnishes make up for the mildness of the other sandwich fillings. Any sub from Jersey Mike's will taste better with these toppings.