This Costco Croissant Hack Will Change Everything

Who is not down for a yummy, flaky, buttery croissant for breakfast or brunch (or for a snack)? These crescent shaped masterpieces of the French culinary world are absolute perfection with your morning coffee on any day of the week. The only thing that could make these soft, pillowy pastries better is if you add chocolate to them. The Reddit community agrees, and they have a hack that is so genius, maybe breakfast food lover Kylie Jenner will share it with her followers (via Today). 

What's the hack? Well, it definitely involves Costco croissants, chocolate, and a lot of hungry pastry lovers. The croissants can be purchased by the dozen, and their signature store brand pastries rank among some of store members' favorite items (via Business Insider). Then, you're just moments away from creating an easy take on Pain au chocolat, A.K.A. chocolate croissants that are more or less the French culinary holy grail.

How to transform Costco croissants

Simply heat up the oven or toaster, and then slice the croissants in half and place them on a baking tray. Load up the croissants with chocolate nibs or chips — just remember, you want enough chocolate chips so when the chocolate melts, there will be a spill-over down the sides when you press on the croissant. Now, bake for a few minutes, and enjoy. You can doctor-up this Costco croissant hack even more so by sprinkling a little sea salt on the chocolate before heating. This will create a sweet and savory effect, and nope, you won't be able to eat just one. Wow, talk about whetting one's appetite!

Once the croissants are golden brown and the chocolate is melty and gooey, brush the tops of the bread with a little melted butter or maple syrup, and sprinkle some brown sugar, or drizzle on a little chocolate syrup (via the Cookie Rookie). If you don't want to mess with the oven or are in a hurry, you can also warm-up your Costco croissant in the microwave for 10 seconds and just spread some yummy and creamy Nutella on it. Either way, why wait for a special occasion to try out this idea? Bon appétit.