TikTok Is Buzzing About Arby's Bags. Here's Why

When it comes to fast-food restaurants, Arby's tends to be more on the low-key side of the spectrum. They're not all about sassy social media, a la Wendy's, nor do they go in for weird, scary mascots. (Burger King vs. Ronald McDonald, which one's creepier?) They've also yet to release any insanely viral menu items that are capable of causing the kind of widespread mayhem we saw last year when Popeye's dropped their famous/notorious chicken sandwich.

No, Arby's just keeps plugging along, dishing out what turns out to be some surprisingly good food. Lately, though, Arby's has been generating some serious social media buzz for a very surprising reason — surprising, most of all, in that somebody actually took the time to find out this heretofore entirely unknown fact about their bags. Are you on the edge of your seat with suspense as to just what that fact could be? Don't get too excited — the bags aren't a mystic portal into another world (except maybe for cats), and they also can't magically subtract calories from your food. 

What they can do, as it turns out, it to carry a surprising amount of weight.

The Arby's bag strength test

So how do we know just how strong Arby's bags really are? You guessed it, bored TikTok users — those same folks who brought us sushi cereal. Well, ok, not the exact same TikTok users, but the same platform and the same motivation. Anyway, it seems a guy brought home some Arby's takeout and decided to do something few have ever been motivated to do before, i.e. read the packaging. Specifically, the part on the bottom of the bag where it reads "25 lb. Mod Bag."

In the spirit of Mythbusters, this TikTok user decided to test out that claim by placing a 20-pound weight in that bag (which appeared to be slightly grease-soaked), picked it up, and whaddya know, the bag held. His friends were (sort of) amazed, as were the thousands of equally bored TikTokkers who took the time to comment. One noted that their Whole Foods bag couldn't stand up to the weight of a single cantaloupe, while others wondered just what Arby's items you could order that would fit in a single bag and still weigh 20+ pounds. 

Arby's themselves remained enigmatic, merely commenting, "Because WE HAVE THE MEATS!!" Must be some meats, too, if they can make even the bag extra-beefy!