Sushi Cereal Exists. Here's What You Need To Know

News flash: People are bored. Really, really bored. Like, just spent two months sheltering in place bored. And what do people do with their boredom, in this age of oversharing? Why, they go on social media and turn boredom into a trend. Not to mention, launch zillions of other mini-trends born out of boredom, all with the lifespan of a mayfly. One of these trends (which has inexplicably lasted over a month, which is like a whole generation in quarantine time) is that of tiny foods, particularly tiny foods masquerading as cereals.

Thrillist reveals that it all began back in April with the viral pancake cereal video posted on TikTok, where somebody actually took the time to fry up a bunch of dime-sized pancakes, place them in a bowl, and douse them with butter, syrup, and... milk? It was soon followed by numerous videos of people cereal-izing mini donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, croissants, even mini pizzas, which are already a thing, but as the creator of this pizza cereal Instagram video remarks, "If it's tiny and served in a bowl, it's a cereal no?" Well, that was obviously the thinking behind sushi cereal, as well.

How to make sushi cereal

Sushi cereal was actually brought to us by sushi professionals, the staff of WΛVE Asian Bistro & Sushi in Mount Dora, Florida. Their Instagram video features a basic sushi roll sliced into bite-sized circles (so, kind of like regular sushi rolls, only miniature with slices maybe half as thick) and then placed in a bowl and doused with twin streams of what appear to be a creamy mayonnaise-based sauce and a thick soy sauce. The "cereal" is then scooped up and eaten with a spoon.

According to the comments received on this video, sushi cereal probably isn't going to be the next big thing. While some thought it looked tasty, others were dubious about the excessive amount of sauce in which the mini-rolls were swimming. One commenter, however, was bold enough to state what we've all been thinking, not just about the sushi but all the other non-cereal cereals that have been flooding our feeds, "i think you must be bored during this pandemic." Seriously, people, it's summertime! Get outside and go make a TikTok video of the grass growing or something.