These Are The Best Places To Get Seafood In The US

France has its incredible Normandy oysters. England has its fish and chips. Here in America, we have many cities from sea to shining sea, and all points in between, where we can bask in the glory of seafood. Not only decadent but delicious, seafood in all of its forms is versatile and offers a bounty of health benefits. Low in calories and high in healthy fats, seafood is the king of protein sources and has been shown to decrease the risk of heart attacks and strokes and lower blood pressure.

From roadside shacks to Michelin-rated establishments and from Boston to Portland, America just can't seem to get enough shrimp, oysters, lobster, clams, and crab. We're always down for a clam bake or fish fry. According to Shrimp Alliance, shrimp is the most consumed seafood in the United States, resulting in a booming business of over $500 million for fisheries. Our list of the best places to get seafood in the United States is sure to convert even the strictest of land-lubbers.

Let's get our shuck on!

Row 34 - Boston

When you think of seafood in the United States, your mind will likely gravitate to the breezy coastline of New England. One of America's oldest cities, Boston, is known for its craft beer breweries and incredible food scene. That includes freshly shucked oysters and, of course, the iconic clam chowder. A heavily oversaturated market, you'll want to look past the massive seafood chains, like Legal Seafoods, for some true local gems. 

Just steps from Boston's Harbor, Row 34 offers up fresh seafood in an industrially chic setting. In addition to classic fried clams, they have a raw bar that includes a selection of local oysters, including Island Creek oysters direct from Duxbury, Massachusetts. Available year-round, these oysters are uber-popular in the area thanks to their firm texture and sweet, almost buttery flavor. Row 34 also carries a selection of homemade sauces that are pretty outstanding, including their own hot sauce that pairs perfectly with oysters as well as a malt vinegar aioli.

Morimoto Napa - Napa, California

You've likely been living under a rock, or maybe a sea shell, if you aren't familiar with seafood Chef Masaharu Morimoto. The acclaimed Japanese chef is known for his unique style of presenting food, legendary knife skills, and his Iron Chef title. He's credited with introducing the American taste buds to the culinary traditions of Japan. At age 29, after opening his own restaurant, he moved to America, bringing along with him a wealth of knowledge. He quickly moved up in the ranks and made the ambitious leap from executive chef at Nobu to now owning a small chain of Morimoto restaurants throughout the United States, including Las Vegas and New York.

The crown jewel of these spots is their flagship location, Morimoto Napa, named one of Food & Wine's "Best U.S. Restaurant Openings." After a day of wine tasting in the Valley, this zen-like atmosphere offers top-notch sake, sushi, and inspired Japanese dishes. While the cooked menu is impressive, our draw here is the extensive sushi, sashimi, and maki menu. Toro is known as the most coveted and luxurious delicacies found on any sashimi menu, and this restaurant's offering doesn't disappoint. Morimoto Napa offers up a fantastic and buttery chu-toro, a medium fatty tuna. 

Abbott's Lobster in the Rough - Noank, Connecticut

The battle between Maine and Connecticut lobster rolls will likely never cease fire. While both seafood sandwiches are filled with tender and flavorful meat that sits atop a New England hotdog bun, the dramatic difference comes down to what the succulent meat is tossed in and at what temperature. The Maine lobster roll is served cold and tossed in a light coating of mayonnaise. You'll also frequently find this version topped with some chopped celery as well as salt and pepper. The Connecticut version is served hot with a warm butter topping.

Just minutes from Mystic, Connecticut (yes, that Mystic), sits the tiny seaside town of Noank. While mostly residential, the village is home to arguably one of the best lobster roll shacks in the Northeast, Abbott's Lobster in the Rough. We're not talking mayo-doused meat — we're taking award-winning, hot buttered lobster rolls piled high with quality lobster claw and tail meat. Once you place your order at this counter-only shack, you're able to choose from a selection of picnic table seating along the marina. This landmark may be off the beaten path, but it is certainly worth the journey. In addition to the outstanding rolls available with various amounts of meat, you'll find a steamed lobster and clams on the menu.

The Optimist - Various locations

Georgia and Tennessee may not be obvious choices when the topic of great seafood comes up. Acclaimed restaurateur Ford Fry, whose award-winning restaurants including King + Duke in Atlanta and La Lucha in Houston, saw a distinct demand for quality seafood in the Southeast market — and not of the battered and fried variety. Ford paired up with chef Ryder Zetts (formerly of Napa Valley's Cook Tavern) to continue to build his Southern empire, and the result is The Optimist

With the original location in Atlanta, Georgia, The Optimist opened up a new outpost in Nashville, Tennessee. Celebrating all things seafood, the cozy yet sleek atmosphere could be best described as a modern take on country. The menu features seafood with subtle Southern influences, like shrimp and oyster gumbo and fried Gulf oysters. In a converted historical building located in the city's Germantown district, the main dining room gives way to a spacious patio and a balcony bar perfect for people-watching while slurping. The restaurant has curated a fairly extensive oyster menu for that area that not only has P.E.I. and Massachusetts varieties but also a selection of Alabama's Gulf Coast oysters.

Joe Patti's World Famous Seafood Market - Pensacola, Florida

Located on the Florida panhandle, Pensacola is a world-class destination for vacations thanks to its white, powdery sand beaches and fantastic dining options. Pensacola is a laid-back, family-friendly spot with crystal clear water right on the Gulf of Mexico. Because of its proximity to both the Gulf and Pensacola Bay, it also offers direct access to some of the freshest seafood in the area.

Joe Patti's World Famous Seafood Market deserves a rightful place on any itinerary when visiting the area. Serving up seafood at wholesale prices to the public since 1930s, this place is known for its outstanding selection of fresh shrimp, lobster, swordfish, and salmon, all served direct to you from the bustling market. With humble roots on "Captain Joe's" porch, the family-owned and operated business has now become the leader in the area at providing fair prices to happy regulars, usually multi-generational families that come back each year.

Shifting its focus to retail in recent years, this place has expanded with a gourmet deli, wine shop, and even a sushi bar. The staple offering still remains the fresh royal red shrimp served over ice and ready to bring home with you.

Restaurant Guy Savoy - Las Vegas

Las Vegas is synonymous with opulence thanks to its lavish resorts and some of the world's top ranked restaurants. Famed Michelin-star chef Guy Savoy's critically acclaimed seafood restaurant in the strip's Caesars Palace is a welcoming mecca for foodies. Sister restaurant to the original location in Paris, Restaurant Guy Savoy consistently ranks on the list of top restaurants year after year and has even been named the best restaurant in the world by La Liste.

Described as "New French," this Vegas hot spot takes fine dining to the next level by featuring inventive dishes and the only Krug chef's table in the United States. They're so serious, in fact, that the restaurant doesn't allow flowers or any of its employees to wear perfumes in order to maintain the integrity of the delicate aromas. If you've won the jackpot on the casino floor and are in the mood for a serious splurge, pay a visit to the separate Caviar Room. Tucked away in the lounge, the menu features Siberian Baerii caviar by the ounce as well as seasonal caviar dishes and golden Osetra (one of the most sought-after types of caviar in the world). All of this can be enjoyed while sipping on glasses of Krug Grande Cuvee. Pinky's up! 

Water Grill - Santa Monica

We couldn't in good faith compile a list of the best seafood in the states without a visit to SoCal. With its year-round stunning weather and gorgeous beaches, they may have more bounce in California, but this health-conscious region also offers up some of the best presentations of seafood found anywhere. You'll have to brave a visit to the often-touristy Santa Monica for this next one. We promise you that it will be well worth it once you've made it past Muscle Beach and the pier. 

At Water Grill, the setting is stylish, as you'd expect from a Los Angeles area spot, featuring panoramic views of the ocean. Idyllically set on the famed Ocean Avenue, we could go on and on about their stellar menu and impressive raw bar that features Kumamoto oysters straight from Oakland Bay. Aside from the amazing service, standout dishes include a flaky and tender Chilean sea bass, expertly seared scallops, and a perfectly charred octopus. 

Southpark Seafood - Portland, Oregon

The cold and clean waters of the Pacific Northwest make for ideal breeding grounds for seafood. According to Travel Oregon, the seafood sold here is procured from the bay, the sea, or dug up from the beach and brought directly to the consumer. Even with an array from plump clams to Dungeness crabs, it's the oysters produced in this region that seem to captivate the most attention. While on the East coast it's all about the brine, West coast oysters produce a richer, more subtle flavor profile. 

There's nothing not to love about Southpark Seafood located in Portland, Oregon. This posh eatery features fresh, sustainable seafood on an ever-changing menu that's reflective of what's available that day. Locally owned and operated for 20 years, we'd make the pilgrimage for the large selection of oysters, featuring the best of what Washington and Oregon have to offer. Served by the dozen and half dozen, they also serve a rotating seasonal mignonette, such as their apple variety. Other standouts include a cider battered Pacific Cod and a unique spin on clam chowder that features braised bacon and gnocchi. 

The Ordinary - Charleston, South Carolina

Located near the port in South Carolina, Charleston is a charming city known for its cobblestone streets and in recent years, its bustling food scene. Looking past the pastel antebellum houses, this city packs a punch in the foodie department with its numerous critically acclaimed restaurants, such as Husk and Fig. The unique and diversified culinary landscape features everything from celebrated Southern dishes, to a growing Asian soul food scene. Thanks to the area's coastal charm, oyster bars are a popular option for the area.

Few oyster bars can compare to The Ordinary, also from the folks behind Fig. Featuring the best seafood in Charleston, this upscale oyster bar and restaurant is housed in a former 1920s bank. The incredible raw selections feature local littleneck clams, peel-and-eat shrimp, stone crab claws, and of course, oysters. In addition to the freshest seafood, a true highlight for us is their selection of homemade sauces, including red wine mignonette, The Ordinary's signature hot sauce, and lemongrass cocktail sauce.

Commander's Palace - New Orleans

Few cities have more of a fabled food scene than New Orleans. Always ready to let the good times roll, the city is known for its incredible live music and even better cuisine. This is, after all, the city that has given us beignets and Mardi Gras! It is also home to a unique genre of cuisine called Louisiana creole. Differing from its cousin, cajun, Louisiana creole cuisine blends the influences of Louisiana with European flavors, specifically French and Spanish, with a hint of West African. The focus here is on fresh seafood with lots of spice and bold flavors. Popular dishes include jambalaya, etouffee, and oysters Rockefeller. 

While you can find a decent shrimp creole on nearly every corner, for a unique haute cuisine experience, Commander's Palace has been wowing visitors and locals alike since the 1890s. A historical landmark in of itself, this restaurant is also the proud winner of seven James Beard Foundation awards. The can't-miss signature dishes include Rum Roasted Wild White Shrimp and a Pecan-Crusted Gulf Redfish that is topped with a whiskey flambeed crab fat butter. What makes this New Orleans institution truly unique is that it's committed to sourcing 90 percent of their ingredients from within 100 miles. The now-iconic turquoise foodie palace also welcomes visitors for its weekday martini lunch. If ordering one of the multi-course meals, you're invited to indulge in 25 cent martinis. Shaken or stirred, we're always down for a good deal.

Ono Seafood - Honolulu

Poke may be a craze that hit in the mainland United States, but its roots are firmly planted in Hawaii. Poke bowls put the focus on fresh-caught fish that is then highly customizable with additions of Hawaiian sea salt, seaweed, soy sauce, sesame oil, and more. According to Chowhound, these bowls become super popular in the 1970s as a way to use the catch of the day. It quickly traveled from the at-home kitchen to being commercially served in supermarkets and eventually restaurants. Now, storefronts solely dedicated to poke bowls are a dime a dozen on the island of Oahu and beyond. 

In Oahu's capital city, Honolulu, locals have been flocking to Ono Seafood for their traditional bowls of poke. Serving up some serious no-frills dishes, including ahi tuna poke and spicy salmon poke, the focus is on fresh, and everything is made to order. Ono Seafood has built up a serious following thanks to offering both quality and quantity that rivals many of the other local spots. It's quite literally a hole in the wall, and while there isn't much seating besides two picnic benches outside, you're only a short drive from the beach.

The Rex Burger & Lobster - Mineola, New York

What do you have when you take two of America's favorite treats and make it accessible to everyone? Insert The Rex Burger & Lobster. Located in an unassuming strip mall sandwiched between a Panera Bread and a Chipotle, this Long Island, New York, seafood spot has been racking up the accolades since opening in 2016. They've made the list of Newsday's Must-Try Lobster Rolls and have been named a Top Burger in the United States by Medium. Nothing drawn out here but the butter. Thanks to a super limited menu, they are able to churn out fine food extremely fast. You simply order at a counter, and your food is brought right out to you, sides of pretentiousness not found here.

The fast-casual atmosphere is also churning out noteworthy shakes, craft beers, and chicken sandwiches. While The Rex Burger and their Classic Lobster Roll can each stand alone, the must-order item here is the signature Rex Steak & Lobster sandwich. It's piled high with a center-cut filet mignon that is topped with caramelized onions, cheese, and fresh Maine lobster. We also have been known to not shy away from the Rex Cheeseburger topped with lobster.

The BOATHOUSE - Orlando

Central Florida may be synonymous with theme parks, but did you know that Walt Disney World is also home to an AAA Five-Diamond Award-winning restaurant, the only Master sommelier-led wine bar in Florida, and one of the nation's top tequila bars? That's some serious street cred in the foodie world. Disney Springs is an entertainment complex that has become a gastronomical hotbed in recent years, attracting the likes of Chef Jose Andres and Iron Chef Morimoto to open up their own spots here.

Belly up to the raw bar at the finest seafood spot here, The BOATHOUSE. The expansive raw bar offers up the freshest collection of oysters, lobster, and wild-caught Sea of Cortez jumbo shrimp. Your seafood journey also comes complete with the total retro dream of prime viewing of the Amphicars cruising around the surrounding waters. In addition to the raw bar, there's ample indoor dining space and even an over-the-water dockside bar. Visiting with a land lover? They have a solid non-seafood menu sure to please them that includes buttery filet mignon sliders and a brownie sundae for dessert.