Carly Caramanna

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Nashville, TN
New York University
Unique Food & Dining, Travel, Theme Parks
  • Carly has a passion for covering the latest in unique food, travel, and theme park trends.
  • An expert on all things wining and dining at theme parks, she contributes to Attractions Magazine, Family Vacationist, Business Insider, and Parents Magazine.
  • Friends know that they can count on her if they’re looking for the best Burrata in Barcelona or the scoop on the latest Trader Joe’s product.


Carly has the great R.L. Stine to thank for her chosen profession. Hooked as a young kid on Goosebumps, she has since worked as a professional writer for over a decade. After attending NYU, she's spent her professional career in New York City and Nashville where she has handled copywriting for some of the biggest stars in Country music. She spends all of her free time traveling in hopes to bring a fresh perspective and authenticity to her writing.


She studied at at New York University, where she was a Dean's research travel grant recipient.
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