People Can't Stop Talking About These Aldi Skillet Desserts

Every so often, you just need a healthy helping of comfort food, and few things are more comforting than a warm cookie. The only thing better than a warm cookie is one that's big enough to fill the inside of a skillet. Thanks to your favorite budget-friendly grocery store, you can get these delicious, warm treats in not one, but two different flavors!

Back at the end of October, Instagram user @aldifavoritefinds spotted these Belmont Skillet Sized Cookies at Aldi. Each pack includes two cookies that can be baked fresh at home in just five to ten minutes. The flavors you can choose from are chocolate-filled chocolate chip cookies or rich chocolate brownies. Both flavors are have a decadent chocolate flavor, so you won't miss out on a thing regardless of which style you choose. Fortunately, if you didn't spot the treats at your local Aldi last week, they are still popping up in Aldi locations across the country. Instagram user @theamazingaldi spotted them for the first time at their nearest Aldi as recently as November 3rd — so no need to worry, you can likely still get these are your store or can hopefully expect to see them soon.

Here's what people are saying about Aldi's skillet-sized cookies

So far, people seem for the most part stoked about these extra-large, chocolate-filled treats. On both posts, most people showed their excitement by declaring it time to visit the grocery store again or by saying they bought both flavors and were waiting to cook them the next day. Other commenters wrote that the brownie version is particularly amazing with a scoop of ice cream, while some said they love these desserts for their large, shareable size.

The chocolate chip cookie flavor seems to be somewhat controversial, however. User @rosalba_domenica commented on @theamazingaldi's post, saying the chocolate on the inside of the chocolate chip cookie flavor tasted fake and was disappointing. @kimbe2119 echoed the sentiment, writing they felt the flavor wasn't worth the calories. Many people who commented on the @aldifavortiefinds post, however, stated that the chocolate chip cookie was really good! We guess you'll just have to pick up one of each to try and decide for yourself. At $3.99 per box, you really can't go wrong.