Costco Shoppers Are Losing It Over These Boozy Ornaments

There are some definite trends emerging this holiday season, and one of them just got even better. While you've probably already seen the adorable hot cocoa cup ornaments with different flavors of hot cocoa mixes inside each one at Costco, there's a new must-have drink ornament package at the big box retailer. It seems customers are understandably all about the booze this year. While you can certainly whip up a quick and easy vintage cocktail or have a chocolate pairing with whatever bottle of wine you open courtesy of Aldi, it doesn't get much easier than picking a drink off the Christmas tree. That's why everyone wants these new boozy ornaments from Costco (via Delish).

Just like the store's hot cocoa cup ornaments, this new set includes miniature bottles of Irish and Scotch whisky. The tiny bottles are crafted to be ornaments so you can hang them on the tree and sneak one off as you need it this holiday season. While the back of the ornament packaging has cocktail recipes on it, no one would blame you for downing one of the bottles neat and straight from the tree when you need it most.

Here's what you need to know about the whisky ornaments

The Costco whisky ornaments were first spotted by the Instagram user Costco Empties, a fan account. The post revealed that the festive ornaments come in packs of 12 and include three brands: Jameson, Glenlivet, and Chivas Regal. There are four bottles from each brand, and each bottle holds 50 milliliters. It's enough to woo any major whisky fan to include the new decorations on their tree (via She Knows).

While the boxes of 12 bottles are incredibly tempting, they are going for more than your box of 12 hot cocoa cup ornaments. To include the tiny whisky bottles on your tree, you'll have to buy the box for $55.99. Though you might just want to buy a bottle of your favorite Irish or Scotch whisky for yourself, this is the perfect gift for any friends or relatives who love the golden brown liquor. It would also be one amazing stocking stuffer.

Head to your local Costco today to pick up a box or two. These are ornaments that will never go out of style.