Costco's Pumpkin Chocolate Bundt Cake Is Turning Heads

If you've never explored the heaven that is Costco's bakery section, you have yet to truly live. With every sugary, doughy delight imaginable (pies, cakes, cookies, oh my!), it's a sweet tooth's paradise. And since the selection changes with the seasons, right now shoppers can find all of their favorite fall flavors, from creamy pumpkin rolls to oversized apple streusel muffins. There's a treat for every occasion, every person, and every budget, so if you walk in, you likely won't walk out empty-handed.

Costco is constantly releasing new bakery products, too, much to the delight of its thousands of fans across the country. One of its most recent drops that people are going wild over? A giant pumpkin chocolate bundt cake. Popular Costco fan page on Instagram, Costco Does It Again, posted two pictures of the indulgent creation on Nov. 15, and shoppers are now clamoring to find it in stores.

The pumpkin chocolate bundt cake is the perfect fall dessert

Produced by Upper Crust Bakery, the massive bundt cake is made with pumpkin puree and real chocolate, according to the label. And as if the cake itself doesn't sound absolutely drool-worthy, based on the pictures shared on social media, it appears to be covered in what appears to be a vanilla glaze and topped with chocolate drizzle.

Weighing in at 49 ounces — which is just over three pounds! — the decadent dessert is big enough to share with a small crowd (aka it's the perfect store-bought treat to snag just in time for Thanksgiving if you're celebrating with family this year). There will be more than enough for everyone to go back for seconds and maybe even thirds. Keep in mind, however, that it's not available at every Costco. The photo on Instagram was tagged at a Costco location near Los Angeles, but many followers commented that they were unable to find it at their local stores.