Costco's Bakery Finally Has Your Favorite Fall Treat Back In Stock

Well, fall is definitely here, all right. Maybe not according to the calendar, which pedantically insists on an Autumnal Equinox date of September 22 (via the Old Farmer's Almanac), but nevertheless, we know it's true. Just how do we know it? Is it because the kids are all back in school? Maybe, maybe not, depending on your community. Is it because of the leaves changing color? Not unless there's been a freakish cold snap where you live. How about all the Instagram girls posting sweater selfies? Well, still not yet, unless they're in Southern California and temps have dipped below 80 degrees. So how can we be so sure it is, in fact, fall, then, when we've yet to reach Labor Day?

Because pumpkin, that's why. Starbucks brought back their so-basic-it's-classic PSL in August, and people are already secret menu-hacking it by making it chocolate. This fast-food autumnal offering was soon joined by DQ pumpkin shakes and Blizzards and Dunkin' pumpkin donuts, coffee drinks, and even Dunkin' pumpkin beer (as well as a store sign that appears to have been put up by someone who'd overindulged in either or both of the latter two). Now, Costco shoppers may also join in the festivities as one of this chain's fall favorites is back: their tasty, and generously-sized (of course; it's Costco) pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie season comes early this year

While it may be ordinarily a fall thing, one that may not even appear on many people's tables until Thanksgiving, Instagrammer thecostcoconnoisseur spotted these pies in their stores as early as August 24 (beating Starbucks PSL by a day — way to go, Costco!). As they said, "I know it's August. but I'm not gonna lie, I am so ready for this," also noting that you get a whopping 3 1/2 pounds of pie for under 6 bucks.

Most of the comments shared the OP's enthusiasm, although one spoilsport said "Too early! We enjoy pumpkin pies when fall rolls around." (Umm, hello, once the pumpkin rolls out, the rolling around has officially begun.) Another 'grammer ruefully noted "Oh jeeze, the waist band is not excited but I am!" One insightful comment, however, just may have hit upon the real reason behind all the early pumpkin stuff (which also may foretell a Christmas season beginning in September): "I think the excitement is that it means we are that much closer to this s*** show of a year to be over."