Costco Fans Are Divided On This Massive Pecan Pie

If you, like us, are on a desperate search for over four pounds of pie for your Thanksgiving day feast, bow down to the Costco gods. Because they're here for you. Costco's new, massive pecan pie was first spotted by Instagram handle, @costcodeals who promptly shared the holiday feast necessity with their followers. This means that if you're hankering after a slice, you have some serious competition in the form of 839,000 Costco fans and all the friends they're busy tagging.

At 530 calories per 1/16 of the pie, indulging in a slice of Costco's Thanksgiving confection is admittedly a luxury (via Instacart). Add in 29 grams of fat and 66 grams of carbohydrates per serving, and you've got yourself a slice of extravagance in the truest sense of the word. Then again, what's Thanksgiving without a slice or three of gooey, caramelized, buttery, pecan pie? Costco's description promises "apricot-glazed" perfection with a "flaky pie crust," and "junior mammoth pecans." And yet. Not all Costco shoppers are as excited as we are.

Is Cotsco's huge pecan pie worth it? Here's what shoppers are saying

"Do these freeze well?" asked one of @costcodeals more hesitant followers. We're putting all our cards on the table here when we tell you that we don't currently have the gigantic pie in our possession, but if it's like any other pecan pie, then yes. If for some reason you can't work your way through over four pounds of pecan pie during your Thanksgiving day feast, it should be safe to freeze for up to three months. Just wrap it in plastic wrap or foil, and zip it into a bag before placing it in the freezer, Sally's Baking Addiction suggests.

Others balked at the pie's ingredients. "This thing's loaded with preservatives. Prolly safer to go with their huge double crust Apple pie," cautioned one Costco customer. Not all Costco fans were negative nancies. @Costcodeals' Instagram post was mostly met with "Yum yums" and "We can split its," and the obligatory heart emojis. "The absolute best pie from Costco! Can't wait to get one tomorrow!" exclaimed @mr.petticrew.