Everything You Need To Know About Hardee's Bacon And Beef Hypnosis Experience

Some fast food chains build promos around celebrities, while others are all about the holidays, and still others prefer trolling their rivals. But leave it to Hardee's (and fraternal twin sibling Carl's Jr.) to take an entirely different path. The latest promo by both chains is built around the premise that their new Monster Angus Thickburger "will be hypnotizing fans' senses into a burger-fueled trance." Okay, using hypnosis to sell burgers, that's something new and different, all right.

The promo kicked off on their Instagram a few days ago by targeting their burger's allegedly hypnotic sound. According to instructions, you're supposed to go on Spotify and search "'Sweet Sounds of Sizzling Bacon and Beef" in case you want to be lulled to sleep by listening to burgers fry. (If you've ever worked in the fast food industry, this is apt to be more of a nightmare-provoker than anything else.) Next came "Smell" day, when they gave away a diffuser meant to permeate your house with that bacon/beef scent. (Shades of last year's Quarter Pounder-scented candles, the ones that sold out almost immediately, according to Mickey D's Instagram.) The promo's not over yet, though, as Hardee's — and Carl's Jr. – still have a few more senses to target.

The giveaways keep on coming

Today, the targeted sense is that of "Sight," and it brings back that old '90s favorite (or extreme annoyance), the "Magic Eye." Stare into the ... whatever, and you may see a secret message or image or, who knows, hot stock tips or the Hardee's CEO's personal phone number. If you can't see a thing, just copy what some other Instagrammer has said (comments so far seem to indicate either the chain's logo, or a burger, or possibly both) and then leave your own comment on Instagram. The prize is a gift card, and winners will be selected randomly, not based on who's got the best eyesight.

While the final two senses (taste and touch) have yet to post their promos, an email received by Mashed provides a sneak peak into what's in store. You'll get to experience "a one-of-a-kind digital hypnosis from YouTube-famous hypnotist Glenn Rottman that could leave you with everything tasting like bacon" (which could be a good thing ... or maybe not), and you'll also get to participate in a digital challenge where you screengrab a video glitch at exactly the right time in order to win a free Monster Angus Thickburger, which, in case you've forgotten, is the item they've been trying to promote all along. Have fun with that — and even if you don't score any free Hardees/Carl's Jr. merch or food, at least you've got to give them credit for coming up with an ad campaign that's not the same old, same old.