Whataburger Just Released The Only Ugly Christmas Sweater You'll Want

Are you all done with your holiday shopping already? Come on, hop to it, it's half-past November! Don't worry if you haven't, though, since we're about to solve all your gifting needs, not to mention give you something perfect to wear for all those Zoom holiday parties in your near future. Three words: Whataburger. Christmas. Sweater.

Yes, it's an ugly sweater, but it's not just any ugly sweater. For one thing, this sweater, available through the Whatastore holiday collection, ups the ugly with a color scheme of orange and green instead of the more typical red. It's adorned with wreaths, trees, and Christmas bulbs (knit ones, not the kind that actually light up), but what makes it worthy of the true Texas classic whose logo it bears is the row of flying "Ws" along the bottom hem.

If you want to show your fast food love in a seasonally appropriate way, this 100-percent acrylic sweater will cost you $42.99, but the good news is that there's no upcharge if you need to supersize it. The sweater comes in sizes up to 3XL, which is something you may well need if you're a regular consumer of the chain's Texas-sized burgers.

The rest of Whataburger's matching holiday merch

If you're looking for a cheaper option, or you're nostalgic for days of yesteryear, you can pick up a leftover 2019 Whataburger sweater for just $32.25. This one's even more over-the-top, with a Santa, a burger, a cowboy hat, and some snowflakes along with those flying "Ws." You can also get Whataburger holiday socks that match this year's sweater for $12.99, as well as a not-so-Christmassy but equally Whataburger-y knit beanie and scarf set for $24.99 that will proclaim your love for all things Whataburger throughout the entire winter season. (Perhaps it's a nod to those new Whataburger customers in Kansas City, since the cold weather there lasts a lot longer than it does in the Lone Star State).

If you've always wanted your own Whataburger, you can get one of those, too. While a franchise will set you back about $1.2 million according to Franchise Help, Whatastore's buildable restaurant only costs $29.99. And in case you've ever been tempted to steal one of Whataburger's famous table tents, there's no longer any need. Instead, you can buy a special "Merry Christmas" table tent for $3.99 or a five-pack for $10.99 if you want to use them for place setting markers or stocking stuffers.

If orange doesn't fit your color scheme, Whatastore also offers the one holiday gift that would be bound to please even the Grinch: a six-pack of Whataburger's Spicy Ketchup! Now that'll put the jingle in your jangle, all right. Whataholiday!