What You Need To Know About McDonald's New Quarter Pounder-Scented Candles

Nothing says romance like dinner by candlelight, does it? Except, perhaps, about candles that actually smell like dinner. Well, if the love of your life is a clown named Ronald, or you just really love fast food burgers, your perfect date night ambiance is just a flicker away... yes, soon you'll be able to purchase a Quarter Pounder-scented candle pack from Golden Arches Unlimited, purveyor of all the finest McDonald's merchandise.

So how did they capture that elusive "essence de Quarter Pounder" and recreate it in the form of a candle, you may well be wondering? Technically, they didn't. That's why it's a candle pack, since it takes six different scents in all to do the iconic burger full justice: Bun, Ketchup, Pickle, Cheese, Onion, and (of course) 100 percent Fresh Beef. In order to experience the full Quarter Pounder sensation, however, Golden Arches suggests burning all six candles together. No word yet on how much the set will cost, since these candles are still "coming soon," but really, can you put a price on such genius? 

What else can you get from the new Quarter Pounder collection?

But wait, that's not all that's available from the newly-launched Golden Arches Quarter Pounder Fan Club collection. In order to celebrate the almost-50th anniversary of McDonald's not-quite-signature burger (the Quarter Pounder wasn't actually added to the McDonald's national menu until 1973), there's a Quarter Pounder locket with room for a picture of your best-loved burger, a set of "couples mittens," a rather pricey ($8!) bumper sticker, and a calendar.

What's really got people buzzing — besides the candles — are some items the company's teased on its Instagram account — are they really going to be selling Quarter Pounder-themed towel sets? And what about those Quarter Pounder shoes? Neither item has yet been added to the merch list, but we dare to hope they may make an appearance later, perhaps in time for the actual 50th anniversary.

In the meantime, though, if you want to express your passion for all things Quarter Pounder... well, you could always go hit up Mickey D's and buy one. Bring it home, open the bag, and voilà! Your house is delightfully fragrant even without those Quarter Pounder candles.