This Aldi Winking Owl Ornament Is Turning Heads

Are you a fan of Winking Owl wine? Okay, so not Aldi stores carry wine, so maybe you've never experienced it. But if you live in a land where Aldi booze flows free, however, you definitely need to give it a try if you're not already stocking up on a regular basis. Despite its low, low price tag, these budget-priced bottles are a cut above Two Buck Chuck. They're produced by E.&J. Gallo, wine makers who also include some higher-end labels in their portfolio. While Winking Owl may not rank right up there with your Châteauneuf-du-Papes and your Screaming Eagle cabernets, still, for a wine so cheap you can afford to stock your wine cabinet over and over, it has come in for its share of critical acclaim.

With these credentials under its label, it's no wonder that Winking Owl has once again topped the Aldi Fan Favorite list of the chain's best booze. What may be more of a surprise, though, is the way in which they've chosen to commemorate this beverage beloved by so many — this week's Aldi Finds include a selection of "Merry Moments" glass ornaments, one of which is shaped like a teeny little Winking Owl bottle.

Reddit rejoiced over this festive find from Aldi

One Redditor posted a pic of their newly-acquired Aldi find, saying: "I am obsessed with this tiny winking owl ornament!" Another commented, "I was super excited to grab one today. I collect holiday ornaments, and this is very apropos [sic] for me," while noting "I also think it's hilarious that it is more expensive than the actual bottle of wine." (Aldi's website prices the ornaments at $3.99, while in some locales you might be able to score a bottle of Winking Owl for under $3.) There were also numerous comments along the lines of "That's the cutest ever!," "omg that is so cute ?," "That is adorable," and "I must have one!" A few Redditors, however, lamented the fact that while they could buy these ornaments, they've never been able to try the wine due to grocery store liquor sales not being permitted in their states. (Pennsylvania, and Maryland were all mentioned — what's up with this Mid-Atlantic mini-Prohibition?)

If you're in a less restrictive state, this ornament — along with a bottle of the beverage it commemorates — would make for a pretty awesome holiday gift for any non-wine snobs on your list. You could even dress up the bottle in its own Aldi Find ugly sweater! Oh, and if your friends prefer hard seltzer, Aldi's got this covered, as well. They also offer a Vista Bay ornament, and they've got ugly sweaters for cans, as well. Aldi thinks of everything!