The New Aldi Bottled Cocktails That People Can't Stop Talking About

Spring is here and that means sunshine, brunches, picnics in the park, and of course fruity cocktails. It's hard to beat sun tanning and sipping on a bellini or mimosa — really the only issue is you're likely feeling a little lazy from all the warm weather. Making a drink might seem like too much work, but luckily Aldi gets you and is offering affordable premixed cocktails right now.

Okay, so making a mimosa isn't that hard, but then again if you're feeling lazy just about everything can seem like too much effort. In that case, all you sun and booze seekers should check out Aldi's pineapple mimosa made with fresh pineapple juice (and they've got orange, too, for a more traditional mimosa flavor). Both flavors have just 8 percent ABV and come in 750 milliliter bottles. And for course, it's Aldi, so they're also relatively cheap at $8.99 each (via Taste of Home). You'll definitely want to mix up your drink routine (pun intended) with one of these premade mimosa blends.

Aldi also has peach-flavored bellinis

If you're more into stone fruit and booze, then Aldi's Giambellino bellini will be totally perfect for you, plus it's sporting chic as heck packaging. Aldi described the drink as having "a sunset hue, fresh sun-ripened peach flavor and vibrant, sparkling finish." So yeah, we're totally sold already.

But it somehow gets better. This drink is only $7, has 8 percent ABV, and comes in a 750 milliliter bottle. It obviously meets all your day drinking needs. Taste testers at Tallius 84 note, "It's basically a carbonated peach soda except with alcohol in it." Sorry, but who's not totally into that?

Your next Saturday afternoon lounge sesh is going to be a little more effervescent, and a little sweeter. Warm skin contrasted by fruity, refreshing bubbly are in your future. Thanks for your service, Aldi.