This Is How You Should Freeze Your Oreos

Oreos really are the perfect cookie. Two perfectly designed chocolate wafers sandwiching smooth and sweet vanilla cream. It doesn't get much better. Per Insider, regular Oreos stick to a ratio of 71 percent cookie and 29 percent cream. Perhaps it is this consistency that makes it the best-selling cookie in the world and has the brand raking in over $2 billion every year.

Seriously: Who can resist an Oreo? Whether you are dunking them in milk, or popping them into your mouth as a snack, or enjoying their sweetness as an after-dinner dessert, these addictive, tasty cookies not only make us happy, but satiate our sugary cravings.

While we thought our Oreo game was strong, the Reddit community has made us realize we are really just Padawans when it comes to all of the hacks and intricacies of eating this iconic cookie. Leave it to the Redditors to teach us a new way to enjoy Oreos that is so simple but so sublime in the same breath. We have to warn you that it may sound a little unorthodox, but once you try it, this method may be your new guilty go-to dessert. You need to start freezing your Oreos, but before you pop them into freezer, there's one thing you need to do.

Dip your Oreos in milk before freezing them

First, freezing Oreos may have you asking: Why? And we get that. They are perfect from the moment you open a package to the moment (moments later) when they hit your mouth. Why mess with that? If you like cookies and cream ice cream, however, you will want to try this.

According to Spoon University, pairing Oreos and milk has been a thing since these favored cookies were first introduced to the world in 1912. But a Redditor has taken it to a new level, sharing, "Dip Oreos in milk until soft then freeze. They are delicious with the consistency of Oreos in cookies n cream ice cream." And it must be good. Over 2,000 Reddit community members reacted to this hack, including one person who offered, ". . .this is the biggest thing to happen to Oreos since the fork into the cream advancement of '87," with another contributing this suggestion: "Try it with Half n half instead of milk ... you will thank me." 

But the Reddit community is not the only one singing praises for this hack. The Twitterverse also has advocates for freezing Oreos. One tweeter wrote: "Frozen Oreos are like a gift from the You-Will-Never-Be-Skinny-Again gods. Hallelujah." So, the next time you find yourself with a glass of milk and a stack of Oreos and a supply of will power, think about trying this trick.