Everyone Is Talking About Trader Joe's New Holiday Drink

We already know that Trader Joe's is an essential stop for all your holiday shopping. You can get gingerbread cookies, peppermint treats, and eggnog (vegan and otherwise). But now we're just starting to realize that Trader Joe's can also be a place for buying treats for the grown-ups at Christmas dinner. Last week, we learned that the store offers gingerbread liqueur. Now we found out that gingerbread isn't the only flavor that TJ's offers when it comes to ingredients for your festive drinks — you can also buy eggnog-flavored liqueur!

Instagrammer Trader Joe's Geek discovered The Original Trader Joe's Old Fashioned Egg Nog Liqueur on store shelves and posted it with the caption, "Sunday Sips continues with egg nog liqueur! Who is ready for Christmas?⁣" Oregon-based news site That Oregon Life chimed in with their review of the liqueur, which they call "so good you'll want to break out your moose-mug set for it." Keep reading to learn more about this holiday beverage addition.

Here's what's in TJ's eggnog liqueur

"Our egg nog liqueur is a blend of real dairy cream, spiced rum, and french brandy," the Trader Joe's label reads. "It's mild-bodied and pleasantly sweet, presenting a smooth balance of flavors." What's the best way to serve this seasonal drink? Trader Joe's has a suggestion: "Enjoy over ice with a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon for the perfect holiday libation."

That Oregon Life adds, "If you want to make your drink extra special, we recommend grating a little fresh nutmeg on top with some whipped cream. I like to add extra rum or brandy to mine."

This eggnog liqueur costs $7.99 for a 750 milliliter bottle. It's 14.75% alcohol by volume, so it's pretty strong stuff. If you really want to take your Christmas drinking to the next level flavor-wise, try boosting it with the secret ingredient you should be adding to your eggnog all along.