The Most Underrated Costco Holiday Desserts

The holiday season is here, which means it's time to get excited for the return of Costco's holiday offerings. Festive holiday beverages and treats such as Costco's raspberry crumble cookies and peppermint bark are just the tip of the holiday sugar rush iceberg. Roaming the aisles, you'll load your cart with cookies, eggnog, cheese, pies, chocolate pretzel rods, and seasonal coffees, but are there more Costco holiday desserts you've been overlooking?

Perfect with coffee, milk, or to give out as holiday gifts, the Kirkland Signature European Cookie tin contains a variety of cookies enrobed in milk and dark Belgian chocolate. Not only are they cute, but they're delicious, according to Costcuisine. Cookies not your thing? How about a giant four-pound double-crust apple pie? Costco's apple pie got rave reviews for Thanksgiving, so it should be a welcome addition to any winter celebration, too (via Taste of Home). Still room in that shopping cart? Let's find more holiday dessert options.

Fruitcake is another underrated Costco holiday dessert

Collective moans and groans aside, if you enjoy a little fruitcake over the holiday season, Costco's Kirkland Signature Traditional Holiday Fruitcake should be on your shopping list, according to Kitchn, which describes the fruitcake as jam-packed with fruit and nuts. If it's not for you, maybe a nice gag gift (although they might actually like this one).

Soft and chewy ginger cookies from the Costco bakery department are a favorite of Costcuisine as well, who says, "There's just the right amount of ginger and spices to give these a little bit of warmth without being too spicy." And who could have a complete holiday meal without ginger cookies raring to go for dessert?

And don't worry, Costco didn't forget about the chocolate lovers. The Kirkland Chocolate Tuxedo Mousse cake is always a hit during the holiday. If you haven't tried it yet, don't wait. It starts with a layer of chocolate cake, topped with chocolate mousse filled with brownies. Following that is a white chocolate and vanilla mousse layer. The crowning glory? A decadent layer of chocolate ganache (via Taste of Home). Happy holidays!