Costco's Massive Christmas Cookie Tray Is Turning Heads

The holiday season is officially upon us, and no celebration is complete without delectable desserts and treats like cookies and eggnogCostco has now fully gotten into the holiday spirit and is offering its customers a chance to have a bit of fun by selling several festive treats. Some of its products this year include holiday décor, gift baskets, cards, wreaths, ornaments, and more (via Costco).

In terms of food items, per Eat This, Not That!, there are several options to choose from, including white chocolate and peppermint covered pretzel crisps, Gingerbread mansions, easy-to-prepare mug cakes, assorted chocolates from Godiva and Ghirardelli, and Danish butter cookies — and don't forget about Costco's giant cookie tray! The product has made a comeback this year and is getting some serious attention for all the right reasons. Each tray comes packed with several kinds of delicious cookies that you simply can't say no to. We're giving you the full lowdown on this festive treat!

Costco's cookie tray is a holiday favorite

This cookie tray is huge and not meant for the faint of heart. For those remember, Costco offered the massive cookie trays last year as well. According to Pop Sugar, the dreamy assortment trays came with 70 cookies in each, perfect for family gatherings or even just a treat to last the whole season. It was priced at $18 in 2019 and had several flavors inside like shortbread with green sugar sprinkles, chocolate crinkle cookies, wedding cookies, and chocolate chunk cookies.

The good news is that the holiday tray has already been spotted in at least one Costco location this year, and is making a splash among holiday cookie enthusiasts. Instagram user @costcobuys recently posted a photo of the gorgeous cookie tray, which was priced at $18.99 at their local Costco store. User @lynn.harveyakan wrote on the post that they can vouch for how amazing these holiday treats are, saying, "Bought this last year for hubby's college students! Delicious and plentiful — and I'm a baker!" Other commenters were quick to tag friends and family in the post, suggesting they purchase the holiday cookie trays to share.