Only 12% Of People Consider This Classic Donut Their Favorite

Donuts can be a pretty divisive issue. Some pledge their allegiance to Krispy Kreme, while others swear by Dunkin' despite the fact that the chain's rebranding dissed its one-time namesake pastry. Tim Horton's also has its adherents, some even south of the Great White Border, as do LaMar's, Duck Donuts, and numerous other mom-and-pop bakeries throughout the nation and the world.

Since donuts are truly a treat without borders, but few donut chains besides Dunkin' and Krispy Kreme have really gone international (unless you could Starbucks' single donut), we at Mashed decided to conduct our first worldwide donut survey meant to determine not the best donut provider but the top flavor. We posted our poll on YouTube and received some 64,000 responses. When all of the votes were in, well, we've got to admit that the results kind of surprised us. Who could have guessed that the delicious jelly donut would only be favored by 12 percent of survey respondents?

The donuts people prefer to jelly

Ok, so the overwhelming favorite, with nearly half (48 percent) of all votes, was an unsurprising glazed donut, we get that. Particularly if it's a Krispy Kreme one since this chain seems to have perfected the art of making that particular variety. The Boston cream was a surprising second, though, with 20 percent of the vote – who knew? Chocolate frosted came in third with 14 percent, leaving the poor old jelly, also known by such international aliases as a Berliner (as in JFK's infamous "Ich bin ein" gaffe), Bismarck (as in the classic WWII submarine movie Sink the Bismarck,) sufganiyot, and the nearly unpronounceable paczki, in last place.

Such a travesty! We would demand a recount, but nobody was prepared to stump up a few million bucks, so, sorry, jelly donuts, guess you got robbed. Still, the good news for jellies is that they at least made the list. A number of commenters decried the fact that we'd overlooked plain, old-fashioned donuts.

More donuts that didn't even make the cut

The aforementioned comments field, of course, is where all the fun stuff really happens on YouTube, and this survey was no exception. Fritters, crullers, long Johns, and eclairs all got their shout-outs, as did devil's food, cinnamon sugar, and even glazed croissants (not really a donut, but ok).

Several respondents noted that price played a factor in their determination, specifically preferring the donuts that didn't cost them a dime: "The free ones in the break room" and "The ones u buy me." A few of our pollees, however, couldn't resist the opportunity for a little stand-up comedy. One SNL wannabe alleged that their favorite was the "Hertz, as in a slug in the arm, then you say 'Hertz donut?'" (spelled differently, this would read "Hurts, don't it?"), while another said the best donut was "Taking your car to a snowy parking lot, cranking the steering wheel, and accelerating to break traction and spin in tight circles." Ah ha ha...hope you know that's going to burn out your power steering (via Modded). But then, that's no more than you deserve for joking about the almighty donut.