Why Eating Gummy Bears After A Workout May Be Good For You

Are you a fan of the iconic gummy bear? If you nodded your head in the affirmative, you are in good company. Per Sweet Services, singer-songwriters Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson also have a bit of an affinity for these brightly-colored, sweet, and yummy gummy bears. When you think about it, how could anyone not love this candy? They're playfully fun and happen to be low in calories, too. Fitbit reports that in Haribo's version of the sweet, there are just 130 calories and zero grams of fat for 17 of these little bears. They're the perfect guilt-free treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Still, it's hard to believe these candies haven't really been around that long for Americans. According to Land of the Gummies, gummy bears were born in Germany in the 1920s, but kids and kids at heart in the U.S. didn't get to enjoy these chewy treats until the early 1980s. But what makes these candies so interesting, aside from the different colors and cute shape, is the simplicity of their ingredients. The blog Nut Stop notes that this candy is generally comprised of, "...sugar, gelatin, corn syrup, starches, flavorings, food colorings and citric acid." These very ingredients may be why some people believe gummy bears are the perfect post-workout snack.  

Why gummy bears might be a great snack after exercising

Swimming World Magazine shares that right after a workout is prime time to consume gummy bears. If you think that sounds counter-intuitive, we're with you. Who wants to sweat their butt off running or swimming or hiking for an hour and then stuff their face with cloyingly sweet gummy bears? Well, apparently gummy bears' very sugary composition helps restore the nutrients (specifically carbohydrates) that you lost during your workout. And because your body is still burning calories after you complete your rigorous push-ups and pull-ups, the energy from the gummy bears is quickly used rather than stored. Still, everything in moderation, right?

STACK notes that eating foods that are high on the glycemic index right after you exercise will not only help you recover quickly but can help you build muscle if you add a protein of some sort (hello, chocolate milk and yogurt). So, the next time you complete a workout and need an energy boost, don't feel bad about eating a handful of gummy bears.