These Gummi Bear-Flavored Pickles Are Getting A Surprising Reaction

People love gummy bears. People love pickles. A Bon Appetit report cites that the intense love that many feel for gummy bears spawned things like TV shows, a song, and even played a pivotal role in an award-winning Broadway musical. People are so devoted to gummy bears that there is an ongoing debate over which company produces the best kind (Team Haribo versus Team Black Forest). To be fair, pickles aren't far behind. 

A Refinery29 report explains that millions of Americans are such fans of the pickle that its market value is estimated at close to $6.70 billion. Not only that, but pickle recipe saves have gone up exponentially on Pinterest – there's even a copycat Texas Roadhouse Fried Pickles recipe that's been pinned over 47,600 times. With all that love for both gummy bears and pickles, it's no surprise that Texas-based gourmet pickle company One Stop Pickle Shop would bring the two together in a somewhat unorthodox way and create Gummi Bear Pickles.

So, what are folks saying about Gummi Bear Pickles?

Delish reports that people seem to be a fan of this new and unique take on pickles. Instagrammer @junkfoodmom shared in a review that the Gummi Bear Pickles are something that everyone needs to try if they want to have their minds blown away. The Detroit-based junk food reviewer proudly states that the pickles are amazing and that they ate them in a state of bewildered awe and could not put them down. They continue citing in their review that they even brought their daughter in on the taste-testing fun and the daughter had the same reaction (sharing that she could actually taste the gummy bears in each bite). 

All in all, One Stop Pickle Shop seems to have nailed the flavor combination. Delish reports that several of @junkfoodmom's followers seemed to share her same enthusiasm, claiming they would be ordering themselves a bag of this unique find. The pickles have even garnered five-star reviews on the company website.