The Real Reason Wendy's Cheddar Sauce Tastes So Good

It never feels like a bad idea to visit a Wendy's outlet for a quick pick-me-up. After all, biting into a greasy burger and munching on a plate of salty fries is oftentimes a fitting solution to any of your daily stressors. When it comes to dining at Wendy's in particular, its customers can order many delicious options such as hamburgers, wraps, biscuits, fries, croissants, and much more.

As per the brand's website, its primary focus it to serve fresh food to its patrons and make sure that everyone feels at home, and with its wide variety of comfort food, it often succeeds. As far as Wendy's menu options are concerned, there is no dearth of good dishes. Take the Bacon Cheese Baked Potato, for example. It's a heavenly dish for anyone who's fond of cheese sauce and comes topped with plenty of bacon, too — an irresistible combination, really. It's really everything you'd hope for when you're craving carbs and want something that's guaranteed to send your taste-buds into a tizzy. But what makes the cheese sauce that some menu items are doused in so dang delicious?

Wendy's cheddar sauce is difficult to make at home

Anyone who has had a Wendy's Bacon Cheese Baked Potato will tell you that the cheese sauce is the star of the dish. As reported by Taste of Homethe cheddar cheese sauce is far from ordinary. Here's a surprising fact: the cheese sauce is made with a few unexpected ingredients that work well for its overall flavor profile, including things like paprika extract, onion juice concentrate, tomato concentrate, and a natural coloring agent called annatto. 

So while the dish may seem like it's simple enough to make at home, you'll find that if you're trying to nail the exact flavor of the cheese sauce, you'll be disappointed with the results. Wendy's has put a lot of thought into its cheese sauce, and it's not simply a matter of melting down some cheddar on the stovetop. So rather than copying the recipe, your best bet for satisfying that craving is to pull up at one of the brand's locations and indulge.