Everything You Need To Know About The Pioneer Woman's New Coffee Line

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Running a ranch alongside a TV show and merchandise empire is hard work. That's why Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, needs a good coffee to get her through her days. For years now, Drummond has sold her own brand of coffee beans at her store The Mercantile in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. But P.W. Coffee is made by a relatively small roaster in Tulsa, and you can only buy it at The Mercantile or online, including by subscription. Now, The Pioneer Woman is redoubling her coffee efforts, with a new brand and a nationwide presence. According to a statement sent to Mashed, Drummond is partnering with Zavida Coffee Roasters to offer a variety of coffees in single-serve, Keurig-compatible pods and whole beans.

Drummond had this to say about her new coffee line: "Mornings come very early on our ranch. Coffee is one of my favorite things about rising and shining, and I love to sip it all day. My coffee line with Zavida Coffee Roasters includes both high-quality coffee beans and single-serve cups in both flavored and non-flavored blends that I think you will absolutely love!"

It is coffee, so what's not to love? Drummond's new coffee line may inspire you to start your day the same way she does, with a cup of iced coffee. Try it with her new Up & At 'Em breakfast roast. Her other unflavored options are Saddle Up medium roast and a dark roast called Giddy Up. Maybe "Cowboy Coffee" was already taken?

Ree Drummond's flavored coffees were all chosen for a reason

Drummond isn't expecting you to brew your coffee in a campfire. Her target audience has more refined taste, which is why she and Zavida offer a wide range of flavored brews: hazelnut vanilla, cinnamon roll, toffee crème brûlee, caramel fudge brownie, pecan pie, and French vanilla. All these options were chosen for a reason. Cinnamon roll, for instance, was inspired by Drummond's mom's cinnamon roll recipe. Pecan pie happens to be Drummond's favorite dessert.

You can buy Ree Drummond coffees in pods now, through the Zavida website, Amazon, and Walmart.com. Walmart, of course, has been a longtime partner of The Pioneer Woman, offering Drummond's home decor, cookware, and her new clothing line. Drummond's coffee pods sell for $14.95, for a box of 24. Whole beans will be available in late spring, and the coffees will roll out to more retailers nationwide later this year, according to the statement sent to Mashed.