Kamala Harris Now Has Her Very Own Ice Cream, Here's What It Tastes Like

Just a few days ago, millions rejoiced when, after more than 230 years of our still-fairly-young-but-old-enough-to-know-better nation's history, the United States finally swore in a woman — and a person of color — as our vice president (via BBC). It may be a sappy cliché, but it's also a sappy, beautiful truth that countless young girls (and not a few boys, too) went to bed happy on Wednesday night, thinking wow, there's someone in power who looks a little like me! And you know what happens whenever there's something worth celebrating? Yep, a ton of new merch!

Just ask anyone whose team has ever won a World Series or Super Bowl — within seconds after the victory, your news feed is flooded with ads for championship t-shirts, socks, underwear, trash can liners ... just about anything they can think of to slap a team logo on. Well, this has been the case for this presidential election too. Best Products reports that Vice President Kamala Harris fans can now celebrate their girl's historic win with clothing, jewelry, coffee mugs, phone cases, face masks (of course), and even ice cream. Yes, Kamala Harris has joined Joe Biden in having her own namesake ice cream flavors!

One Harris-inspired flavor comes from her home district

As a matter of fact, Kamala Harris has now, just days after her swearing-in, inspired quite a few different ice cream flavors. One of these flavors comes from Smitten, a female-owned ice cream chain local to Harris' home in the Bay Area. Their Harris-honoring ice cream is called MVP, as in Madam Vice President, although the initials also give a clue as to its flavor profile: Malted (and also salted) Vanilla ice cream with pecan Pralines. Not only will the ice cream be available at all of Smitten's Bay Area shops, but they're shipping it all over the country.

Some of the proceeds from the sale of MVP pints will go towards supporting a female-empowering organization called Five Keys Home Free. This program provides transitional housing, counseling, and job training for domestic abuse survivors who've been released after serving lengthy prison sentences for defending themselves against their attackers with lethal force.

An ice cream shop in the nation's capital also has new Biden/Harris flavors

Yet another ice cream shop honoring Harris is Ice Cream Jubilee, a small chain local to Harris' new home in the DC area (but also able to ship its product nationwide). In order to celebrate Inauguration Day, they announced on Facebook that they had come up with four new flavors of ice cream. For Harris' ice cream-loving boss, they added a coffee-flavored Cuppa Joe as well as a classic chocolate chip (the latter is reportedly the President's favorite flavor) to their lineup. For Harris, they went in a different direction.

The Cardamom Amaretto flavor speaks not only of her South Asian roots but also her home district (almonds being a big California crop), while the Rosé Mimosa sorbet flavored with rosé wine and orange and grapefruit juices gives the nod to California's vineyards and citrus crops. Plus, as another Facebook post from Ice Cream Jubilee says, it's meant to offer "a breath of freshness, just like her historic role in being the first Black & first Asian American & first woman in the Vice President's office!" Yum! History-making never sounded so delicious.

But wait, that's not all!

Yet another ice cream flavor inspired by Harris' heritage comes from Malai, a Brooklyn-based ice cream company founded by Indian-American Pooja Bavishi. According to Condé Nast Traveller, this flavor, called Madam Vice President, speaks to both Harris' Jamaican father and Indian mother with a mango/coconut base and also includes candied lotus seeds as an edible Easter egg (Kamala being the Sanskrit word for lotus). A recent Instagram post announcing this latest menu addition called it "the 'mvp' of @malai_ice cream product launches."

Other ice cream makers didn't want to be left out of the festivities. Kentucky-based Crank & Boom also added a Harris-named flavor: Kamala Pecan, made with a salted caramel ice cream base with candied pecans and a salted caramel swirl, kind of like butter pecan's saltier, sassier sister. Speaking of salty, Crank & Boom shared in their press release a lot of the negative feedback they received on their social media, but company founder Toa Green, who celebrates her Thai heritage, said, "It is impossible to make everyone happy, but not expressing the joy my heart feels right now would be a disservice to who I am, as well as what Crank & Boom stands for — justice, equity, and a more loving world." Well, let's hope all of these yummy treats take away some of the sour taste left from past unpleasantness and help us move on into a sweeter future.