These Are The Athletes In Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl Commercial

While certain major brands, including a beer company known for its extremely handsome spokeshorses (well, they don't actually speak, they just show up and look majestic), are sitting out this year's Super Bowl, other companies are still bringing their A-games to the big game. There does, however, seem to be a different mood this year — gee, we wonder what's changed since Super Bowl LIV? (Besides the not-unexpected failure of the XFL, that is.)

Some companies are still going for a laugh, like Uber Eats' Wayne and Garth reunion and the M&M's collaboration with Dan Levy (no longer up Schitt's Creek with or without paddle). Others, however, are trying to dig a little deeper, like Chipotle giving a shout-out to their entire production chain (farmers, truckers, etc.) and Stella Artois enlisting the aid of Lenny Kravitz to remind us we're all "rich in life" and have a "fortune within us." (Nice to hear from a man with $40 million in the bank). 

In the latter category is Michelob Ultra. Its commercial, already available on YouTube, features tennis great Serena Williams, NFL probable Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, NBA All-Stars Anthony Davis and Jimmy Butler, top golfer Brooks Koepka, and soccer star Alex Morgan (via People). In the ad, they all are left to ponder the question: "Are you happy because you win? Or do you win because you're happy?"

What these star athletes are trying to tell us in Michelob commercial

While there is a certain amount of footage showing these sports stars during their moments of trophy-winning triumph, most of the 30-second spot, according to Michelob Ultra's press release, is meant to focus on what great lives they have off the field as well. Highlights include Williams and friends singing karaoke, Manning throwing darts, Morgan playing ping-pong and Davis playing chess with his dad. All of them drinking Michelob Ultra, of course.

The message the commercial's trying to put across seems to be something along the lines of, if you're a joyful person, you're bound to be successful in life (though being super-talented probably helps). Oh, and that you should also buy lots of Michelob Ultra. That might not make you a winner, but at least it has fewer carbs and calories than some other beers. Plus, the more you buy, the more money Anheuser-Busch will make, and this, after all, is the point of any commercial, whether or not it's also trying to impart some sort of life lesson.