This Schitt's Creek Star Is Appearing In The M&M's Super Bowl Ad

While many people look forward to the Super Bowl for the game itself, and absolutely everybody's all in on the food, there's one other thing that makes for conversation fodder long after the event is over: the commercials. Yes, it's Super Sunday for the ad industry too, and they go all-out to bring their A-game. While some major players may be sitting out this Super Bowl LV — Coke, Pepsi, and Budweiser won't be airing new ads — others are still giving it their all.

One such product is M&M's, an item that you'd think pretty much sells itself. All they need to do is pile up those single-serve bags by the checkout counter, and temptation basically takes care of the rest. Still, M&M's have been entertaining us with some pretty cute and clever commercials for almost 70 years now. YouTube channel The Hall of Advertising says their first TV commercial, complete with proto-spokescandies, dates back to 1954. Well, they won't be letting us down this year, either. In fact, this year's Super Bowl M&M's ad will take the product somewhere it's rarely gone before: celebrity endorsers. While M&M's do have some famous voices behind the scenes (the biggest names being Vanessa Williams as Ms. Brown and J.K. Simmons as Yellow), they haven't had too much of a history with celebrity endorsers. At least, not until they inked a deal with Canadian actor Dan Levy, late of Schitt's Creek.

Levy was pretty thrilled to do the commercial

While Levy may have been part of the show that practically swept last year's Emmys, he didn't see appearing in a TV commercial as a come-down. After all, it's not just any commercial, it's a Super Bowl commercial! As he told Elite Daily, "It's such an iconic thing to be a part of and so flattering to think the people at M&M's wanted me to be a part of their ad this year." Levy also spoke with People and told them he's always found M&M's commercials to be "self-aware and funny and bright," saying of his new ad, "I was walked through what this spot would be and I was in, I was hooked."

Levy couldn't say too much about the commercial just yet, although the teaser hints at a gender reveal that doesn't go as planned (via YouTube). He did say, though, "It's funny. It's about community. It's about bringing people together and it really is so closely aligned with my own sense of humor." While the actor enthused, "I'm so excited for everyone to see it," the excitement is mutual, to be sure. The commercial itself may just be 30 seconds long, which is about as much time as it takes to eat a small bag of M&M's, but it sounds like it's going to be just as enjoyable, too. Or, here's an idea — why not double your pleasure and watch the commercial while eating M&M's? Sounds like a plan to us.