1 In 3 People Thinks This Is The Best Bagel Flavor

Bagels are certainly among the most divisive foods out there. Everyone likes them a certain way, be it toasted or not, and everyone seems to have a hard time finding a really good, properly baked one, too. From the toppings you choose to the type of bagel itself, there are a lot of opinions and ways to eat a bagel. 

However different everyone may be when it comes to bagels, there are still some universal truths that cut through. One is that the bagel should have a good flavor and chew. The other is that everything bagels reign supreme, as proven by a Mashed survey of most popular bagel flavors.

Recently, Mashed asked 61,000 people worldwide about their favorite bagel flavor. There were five different categories to choose from and of those flavors, the most popular was everything, which earned 33 percent of the votes, or 20,130 votes. It's no wonder all of those everything seasonings and chips from Aldi and Trader Joe's are so popular. Plain was a close second with 26 percent of the vote. So which bagels weren't voters' first pick?

The runner up bagel flavors

The third-most popular bagel flavor was cinnamon raisin. The sweetest bagel flavor of the lot received 21 percent of the vote which tallied up to 12,810 votes. The remaining two categories, onion and other, were closely split. Onion ultimately placed fourth with 6,710 votes, which was 11 percent of the votes. Finally, nine percent, or 5,490, of the voters selected other.

In the comments, there were plenty of people who said they preferred an egg or lox on their bagels. Others really like some variety of cheese bagel such as asiago or cheddar-jalapeño. There were other voters who commented that they were all for everything bagels, but they wanted them topped with a number of things in addition to cream cheese. And one of the clearest write-in favorites was blueberry.

No matter your bagel flavor of choice, there are tons of great options out there. Just be sure you buy from a bakery that boils their bagels prior to baking. It'll ensure you get the perfect bite every time.