Sam's Club's Box Of Double And Mega Stuf Oreos Is Turning Heads

Oreo fans are feeling the love from Sam's Club. As reported by Delish, the Double and Mega Stuf Oreos box is a reason to make a trip to the warehouse store. The box contains 30 Double Stuf individual wrapped packages and 15 Mega Stuf packages. Whether you dunk, lick, twist, or just eat all these sandwich cookies, the 45 packages should satisfy that Oreo cookie craving. It is a personal choice whether you prefer to share some cookies with a special someone. 

According to the Sam's Club, the Double and Mega Stuf Oreos are listed as a limited time offer. Although that designation doesn't come with an exact time frame, this warehouse deal may not be available for long. If you want to snag a box, it might be best to place an order soon. With a retail price of $11.98, it seems like a good deal for Oreo fans. (Whether or not you buy extra milk for these cookies is a personal choice, too.)

How many new Oreo offerings have there been this year?

While many people will scramble to purchase that Sam's Club box of Double and Mega Stuf Oreos, it isn't the only new sandwich cookie offering on store shelves. Elite Daily shared four new Oreo flavors hitting store shelves early in 2021. From the limited edition Lady Gaga Oreos to the Strawberry Frosted Donut Oreos, it seems that the classic sandwich cookie can take on various flavors and colors.

According to the Mondelez International, Oreo is the "number one cookie brand in the world." With over "40 billion cookies produced globally," the over-100-year-old sandwich cookie continues to be popular with many people. As seen in its recent ad campaigns, Oreo often channels its playful side, as well as celebrates bringing families together, as it explains on its company website. Embracing that cookie connection to every aspect of people's lives adds to its popularity. From the classic sandwich cookie to the Most Stuf and the limited edition flavors to the OreoID custom cookies, it seems that the cookie jar always has room for the classic sandwich cookie. But, does that cookie jar have enough room for the Sam's Club box of Double and Mega Stuf Oreos?