Every Item On The MrBeast Burger Menu Ranked Worst To Best

Unless you live under a rock without any access to the internet, you've probably heard of MrBeast Burger by now. This virtual restaurant chain was the brainchild of MrBeast (A.K.A. Jimmy Donaldson), a YouTube superstar known for his outlandish stunts and unbelievably philanthropic ways. MrBeast Burger's launch in December of 2020 was supercharged by a viral video that garnered almost 50 million page views by March of the next year. At that point, there were already more than 400 virtual locations spread across more than 35 states.

What makes MrBeast Burger so unique is the fact that there aren't any physical locations. Instead, the food is cooked inside of existing restaurants. Customers order their food from the MrBeast Burger app (or other food delivery app), and then it's delivered to their front door. MrBeast Burger's virtual kitchens were a godsend to many struggling restaurants during the pandemic, as it was — and has continued to be — a novel way to bring in more revenue during trying times. In fact, some restaurateurs have said they would have gone out of business if not for this virtual burger joint.

Unfortunately, the reviews of MrBeast food haven't always been glowing. Even MrBeast admitted the company was still trying to perfect its concept during the luanch. That said, if you know what to order, you can be reasonably confident in what you'll receive at this fast-casual burger chain. And to help you with your order, we've reviewed every item on their menu, beginning with the worst of the worst and moving into what we think are the best options.

10. MrBeast Burger's Nashville Hot Chicken Tender Sandwich

No matter how much you love MrBeast the YouTube personality, you will likely loathe the Nashville Hot Chicken Tender Sandwich. 

Legitimate Nashville hot chicken has a complex flavor profile that perfectly combines heat and sweetness to arrive at a pleasurable destination. This chicken tender sandwich from MrBeast Burger, on the other hand, is just unbearably spicy — it's as if they dipped the chicken into a vat of pepper spray. You'll want a large glass of milk next to you when you bite into this sandwich but, unfortunately, you can only order canned soda or bottled water from MrBeast Burger.

Your meal will go from bad to worse once you realize your Nashville Hot Chicken Tender Sandwich has ketchup on it. Yes, they put ketchup on a spicy chicken sandwich. Frankly, that's just sacrilegious. Along with ketchup, this sandwich also features mayonnaise, slices of pickles, and shredded lettuce. Unless you get a wad of cash with your order, you won't be happy with this abomination of a chicken sandwich. Steer clear, even if MrBeast is your idol.

9. MrBeast's Triple Beast Style Burger

The main negative comment about the burgers you get from MrBeast Burger might be the greasiness. And the Triple Beast Style certainly accentuates that problem, because by the time you finish eating this burger, you will feel like you have swam a few laps in a grease-filled pool.

The Triple Beast Burger comes with pickles, diced onions, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, and American cheese, but again, it's so greasy that all of those ingredients will be overwhelmed. Even the delicate roll that MrBeast Burger uses as a bun is ruined by the grease. Instead of being soft and pillowy, the bun is a soggy mess.

On their menu, you will see that their regular Beast Style burger comes with two patties and costs $6.99, while the Triple Beast Style burger comes with an extra patty and costs $8.99. Don't do it: In theory, it may sound like it's worth the extra two dollars — but you are actually paying more money for a worse burger.

8. MrBeast Burger's Seasoned Crinkle Fries

You might be surprised with what you get if you order the Seasoned Crinkle Fries from MrBeast Burger. These fries aren't just lightly seasoned to make them taste better. Instead, these fries are covered in garlic, paprika, red pepper, sugar, and lime to the point of ridiculousness. As a result, all of the potatoey goodness is lost. Even worse, the seasoning isn't even balanced correctly, as the spiciness from the red pepper overwhelms all of the other flavors.

Another negative attribute of the Seasoned Crinkle Fries is their texture. By the time they reach your front door, they are disgustingly mushy. Even if the flavor doesn't turn you off, the floppy texture surely will. If you reach in and grab a handful of these fries, don't be shocked if they disintegrate in your grasp.

Tip: Before you eat these fries, put them in your air fryer to make them crispy. You will probably still be disappointed by the Seasoned Crinkle Fries, but they are at least edible after a trip in an air fryer.

7. The MrBeast Chris Style burger

On paper, the Chris Style burger looks like an amazing sandwich. This MrBeast Burger creation has two beef patties, American cheese, bacon, and a smattering of crinkle fries. In reality, this bad boy isn't nearly as tasty as it sounds, and you're better off picking something else.

Like the aforementioned Triple Beast Style burger, the most prominent downside to the Chris Style burger is its greasiness. As delicious as bacon is, the addition of it on this burger only adds another layer of grease that needs to be dealt with. The crinkle fries are squishy and they too add an unappetizing layer of sogginess to this burger.

Smartly, there are no condiments on the Christ Style burger. You could easily add ketchup, mayo, or mustard when ordering in the app but you really don't want to do that. This burger is already soggy enough without any sauces. If you add one of those condiments, the sandwich could very well begin to fall apart.

6. MrBeast's Chocolate Chip Cookie

What the MrBeast Burger dessert menu lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Their only dessert is a chocolate chip cookie that costs $2.49. The good news is that the cookie is legitimately flavorful. This freshly baked dessert really does taste like it came directly from your grandmother's oven.

The bad news is the price tag. Do you really want to pay $2.49 for one cookie? You can purchase entire containers of grocery store cookies for that price. Even if you don't want to bake your own chocolate chip cookies, there are much superior options available on the fast food market. For example, Subway's cookies are even better and cost less than a dollar each.

Should you pay more than two and a half times as much for a cookie that isn't as good? Unless you're rolling in the dough, your cupboards are bare, you desperately need some sort of dessert, and don't want to leave your house, you should look elsewhere for a sweet treat.

5. The Beast Style burger

The Beast Style burger is the go-to item on the MrBeast Burger menu. As you're scrolling through the app, you'll notice that this sandwich is basically the default choice. And when you're trying this virtual restaurant for the first time, this isn't a bad place to start. It's not the best thing on their menu but it'll do.

If you've never had a Beast Style burger before, it's most similar to the burgers you'd find at places like Smashburger or Steak 'N Shake. That's because MrBeast Burger, Smashburger, and Steak 'N Shake all use the "smash" technique when preparing their beef patties. The result is meat that is crispy and overflowing with flavor.

While the previously mentioned Triple Beast Style burger is really, really greasy, that's not as big of a problem with the regular Beast Style burger that only has two beef patties. It's still greasy, mind you, but you will be able to deal with it.

4. MrBeast Burger's Beast Style Fries

The Beast Style Fries are actually better than you're imagining. MrBeast Burger has added so many morsels of tasty goodies here that you won't be able to help but enjoy yourself. Sure, your hands will get messy, and the texture of the fries still isn't the best, but your taste buds will undoubtedly be thrilled.

First, you decide whether you want MrBeast Burger to add seasoning to the fries. If you don't want to deal with spiciness, go the unseasoned route. Then, your fries are piled high with pickles, caramelized onions, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and American cheese. When you first open your box of fries, the first thing you will smell is the pickles. Pickles on fries sounds strange and it will look strange, but once you begin to stuff your face, it all makes sense.

For an extra $1.25, you can also add bacon or chopped burger meat to the Beast Style Fries. If you want some more savory goodness, don't hold back. Both the bacon and the burger meat make for a memorable addition to these fries.

3. The MrBeast Burger Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich

As long as you keep your expectations under control, you will thoroughly enjoy the Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich from MrBeast Burger. No, these aren't the best fast food chicken tenders that you've ever experienced. Yes, you can find better chicken sandwiches at fast food eateries that specialize in chicken, like Chick-fil-A, Popeyes and KFC. That said, this sandwich is better than anything you could reasonably whip together and better than anything that is sitting in your freezer. If you order it, you won't be disappointed.

The Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich comes with mayonnaise and a generous amount of lettuce and pickle slices. The chicken tenders are crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. The pickles add just the right amount of flavor diversity and the mayonnaise adds a coating of savory flavor that will leave you smacking your lips with delight. This won't be your favorite chicken sandwich of all-time, but there's a good chance you'll order it more than once.

2. Karl's Grilled Cheese from MrBeast Burger

Finding a quality grilled cheese sandwich from a restaurant or from a drive-thru window is more difficult than you might think. You can find them (Panera Bread has a great one) but it's not easy. With that in mind, Karl's Grilled Cheese from MrBeast Burger is a breath of fresh air. After a few moments on the app, you can have a scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich making a beeline for your front door.

The star of the show is the American cheese — three slices are used in each sandwich, and unlike the store-bought stuff, this American cheese is extra sharp and gets extremely gooey. As the bread, MrBeast Burger flips over the same buns they use on their burgers and chicken sandwiches. With the three slices of cheese placed on the inside, the inverted buns are pressed on a griddle until everything is good and crispy. While undeniably simple, you will definitely approve of the taste of the resulting grilled cheese sandwich.

The only negative of Karl's Grilled Cheese is that it isn't super filling. However, if you order some Beast Style Fries on the side, you'll have more than enough food to fill you to the top.

1. MrBeast's Chandler Style burger

When it comes to MrBeast Burger, keeping things simple is the way to go. Neither the Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich nor Karl's Grilled Cheese will wow you, but they are dependably yummy. The same holds true for the Chandler Style burger. This beautiful beast features only two beef patties and American cheese — there's absolutely nothing else, other than the bun. No condiments, no veggies, no bacon, no nothing.

Though you will worry that it's too plain, that's simply not the case. The beef, cheese, and buns are all so flavorful that your taste buds will be celebrating for the duration of your meal. Best of all, the greasiness that plagues other items on the MrBeast Burger menu is a nonfactor with the Chandler Style burger. You will love each and every mouthful — and you won't have to take a shower after you finish eating.

MrBeast says that his virtual restaurant has sold more than one million sandwiches already. If you want to try the best of the best, order the Chandler Style burger, and you will agree that this overnight viral sensation of a chain will be around for the long haul.