Only 11% Of People Consider This Classic Easter Candy Their Favorite

When it comes to Easter foods, it's all about the candy. Sure, there may be a festive meal involving ham or lamb and other dubious Easter dishes that are served more out of tradition than because anyone actually enjoys them. Also, there are eggs ... way too many eggs. Hard-boiled and dyed, blown and painteddecorated, baked into Easter breads, and of course, leftover until way past the holiday. The one kind of Easter eggs we can't get enough of, though, are egg-shaped candies like Cadbury Creme Eggs, Reese's Eggs, Cadbury Mini Eggs, and Ferrero Rocher Eggs. Heck, we'll even take those little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. 

Which Easter candy, egg-shaped or otherwise, is the most popular? Mashed recently conducted a survey of 38,000 people worldwide and the results cannot be argued with: the most popular Easter candy, earning 52 percent of the votes, was Reese's eggs. Number two, with a respectable 27 percent, were Cadbury Eggs (which, by the way, make great mini beer mugs). The big loser was one of the classics. Sorry, Peeps peeps, but you're in the minority, making up just 11 percent of the vote.

Peeps are a classic but not a favorite

While the Peeps brand boasts that no Easter basket is complete without their marshmallow bunnies and chicks (via Peeps), plenty of voters were fine without them. "Peeps are disgusting, I'd rather eat packaging peanuts," one respondent vividly explained. 

While Peeps came in last out of all of the choices given, there are numerous Easter candies that were left off the list, and quite a few of these got write-in votes. 10 percent of poll respondents (so somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,800 people) chose "Other," and 555 of them went on to supply the names of their chosen candies. Chocolate bunnies, of course (both the solid and hollow variety) got quite a few shout-outs, with some wondering why we left them off the list in the first place. A number of people expressed the valid opinion that the Cadbury mini eggs are far superior to the larger, creme-filled ones, while Kinder eggs also had their fans. 

There were a surprising number of people who professed love for jelly beans, with the much-maligned black licorice ones even receiving a few votes. Regional treats were also popular, including Laura Secord, Elmer's, and Mary Sue. Anyone from the mid-Atlantic region is now singing that jingle under their breath: "Mary Sue Easter eggs, Mary Sue Easter eggs, brighten your Easter parade!" (via Mary Sue).