Trump Still Owes His Ex-Bodyguard Money For McDonald's

No matter your feelings about our recent former president, one thing you've got to admit is that billions and billions (or at least multimillions) of us do share some similar tastes in food. Year after year, McDonald's continues to be one of America's favorite fast-food spots, and it's certainly popular with the 45th POTUS, as well. Although he has a few other go-to meals including taco bowls, fried chicken, pizza, and steak (well-done, with ketchup), Donald Trump has to get his regular Mickey D's fix (via Insider).

Trump's fondness for burgers and fries wasn't something he kept to himself, either. He's been known to treat others, sometimes on a lavish scale. In fact, he once served up a banquet of Big Macs and other "all-American" fast food fare to the entire Clemson University football team (via The Guardian) — served off silver platters, no less, although still in the paper wrappers for hygiene's sake (Trump's famously germophobic). On one occasion, though, he bought a McDonald's dinner for an entire convoy of men in suits ... on somebody else's dime.

Trump used the old "no cash on me" excuse

Trump's former bodyguard Kevin McKay worked for the future president for five years before hearing those oh-so-familiar words "You're fired!" When he left The Donald's employ, he was still owed about $130 — not for back pay, but for a loan that was never repaid. As McKay told Daily Mail, one night, he and Trump were driving from the latter's Scottish estate to the airport for a flight back to New York, along with what McKay described as "a convoy of six blacked out Range Rovers with about 15 men in suits inside." Trump had his driver swing by the nearest Mickey D's so he could get a snack for the flight, but wouldn't you know, he didn't have enough local currency on him to cover the cost. The billionaire then asked his bodyguard, a man earning about $32k per year, to front him the cash.

Unfortunately for McKay, he wound up covering the cost not only of Trump's two cheeseburgers, fries, and Diet Coke but of meals for the entire entourage. While Trump assured him that he'd be repaid, shockingly enough, McKay says, "'I never heard about it again after that." Well, he's not likely to get redress now, what with the former president facing a number of civil and criminal lawsuits (14 to date, according to Just Security). Still, in exchange for the big bucks he dropped at Mickey D's, McKay bought himself an anecdote that's absolutely priceless.