Pepsi Has A New Dating Show Called Match Me If You Can Coming To MTV. Here's What We Know

Perhaps tired of coming in second to Coke in the cola wars for over a century, Pepsi's evidently got a side gig going on. Not only has their FOX Entertainment quiz show Cherries Wild drawn ... well, not a great amount of viewers, according to TV Series Finale (then again, not bad for an extended commercial), but they're now expanding their game-show repertoire to include a new dating show to be aired on MTV. Take that, Coca-Cola!

The new Pepsi show, Match Me If You Can, is meant to promote the "unexpected perfect match" that Pepsi and mango flavoring is alleged to be. While Pepsi has introduced other tropical fruit flavors in the past, Pepsi Mango, debuting in 2019 as a limited edition release, was recently added to the permanent lineup in both regular and sugar-free versions. So, it seems that quite a few people do like it. According to a statement received by Mashed, the matching TV show, which may or may not achieve similar levels of popularity, is set to hit the air next week.

The Mango Matchmaker is meant to mix things up

According to Pepsi, this show will involve taking contestants from eight different reality shows and utilizing some gizmo called the "Mango Matchmaker" to pair and re-pair them. They'll be sent on "epic dates" that seem to involve the usual mix of bucolic picnics, steamy swimming pool scenes, cuddling by the campfire, and all that stuff. One interesting twist not in the standard reality dating repertoire: according to the YouTube trailer, same-sex matches are also on the table. The host will be Lauren Hamilton of Netflix's Love is Blind, while the daters will be Ashley Brooke Mitchell, Eric Bigger, Harry Jowsey, Onyeka Ehie, Natalie Negrotti, Kyra Green, Joey Sasso, and Kylie Smith — all reality TV serial contestants well-versed in looking for love in all the wrong places including The Bachelor, Love Island, Are You The One, and The Challenge.

Will any or all of them find romance? Do they actually have to drink Pepsi Mango if they prefer regular Pepsi instead? Will they get kicked off the show if anyone finds out that they're secret Coke drinkers? All this and more will (or won't) be revealed on the show which debuts in a series of commercial break takeovers during the April 21st finale of The Challenge: Double Agents Season 36. The show airs at 8 PM ET, and you can catch all of the episodes on MTV's YouTube channel as well as on the platform Pluto.