29% Of People Said This Is Their Least Favorite Way To Eat Eggs

How many ways can you cook an egg? According to the bloggers behind Maplewood Road, there are at least 100, each of them supposedly represented by a fold in a chef's hat. Eggs are a staple ingredient in most baked goods and make an excellent addition to a burger or salad, and they can even be used to craft a delicious cocktail

Of course, the simplest way of consuming an egg is on its own, but even that brings a lengthy list of preparation methods along with it. But just because an egg can be whipped up a certain way, doesn't mean that people want it that way. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Mashed asked 658 individuals to name their least favorite way to eat eggs, and it turns out there's more than one method that people would prefer not to have. As you probably could have guessed, scrambled eggs fared pretty well, only being labeled the "least favorite" preparation method by 8.51% of survey respondents, or 56 people. Hard-boiled followed closely behind, earning only 9.73% of votes in the poll.

Coddled eggs are a no-no for nearly one in three people

Eggs over easy and sunny-side-up are both methods of frying an egg, per Get Cracking, the major difference being that an egg over easy is flipped while a sunny-side-up is not. Both styles of preparation are meant to yield a runny egg, though one was preferred more than the other in our survey. Over easy was dubbed the least favorite way to eat an egg by only 12.92% of respondents. Sunny-side-up was slightly less preferred, taking 15.65% of the votes.

Poached eggs didn't get quite as much love, despite being a key part of the classic brunch dish eggs Benedict. The method was turned down by 23.86% of poll participants, but it still came in second place to coddled eggs, which earned the majority of votes in our poll. According to The Spruce Eats, coddled eggs have a runny yolk similar to that of the poached variety, but are cooked in a small dish that is placed in a hot water bath rather than cracked directly into a pot of liquid. And while 29.33% of respondents, or 193 people, labeled this as their least favorite way to eat an egg, it still sounds significantly better than eating an egg that has been cooked in a dishwasher or portable sauna.