Almost 40% Of Starbucks Fans Believe This Is The Most Overrated Drink

Do you even remember life before Starbucks? Even if you were around in the days before they established world dominance, it's kind of hard to bring to mind a time when everyone wasn't walking around with a mermaid-logo cup in hand. And yet, although the name of Captain Ahab's first mate has become practically synonymous with coffee, the plain, unadorned brew is something hardly anyone is purchasing there. If you're going to schlep out to Starbucks, stand in line, and pay the Bigbucks they're charging, you might as well upgrade your coffee order, right?

Still, even the most special of drinks can get a bit boring when we're exposed to a constant barrage of people Instagramming their beverages. Sure, all of the hype sells a lot of drinks and makes Starbucks even more bucks, but admit it, at least one of the Starbucks must-have drinks is something you're so over and you'd just as soon never see or hear about it (much less order it) ever again. In order to determine the one drink that's most definitely jumped the straw, Mashed polled 655 people and found that a significant plurality considered this one seasonal favorite overrated.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte's really not all that

What can you say about the drink that's launched a million memes? Possibly that you're now embarrassed to even order one, at least if you're not a blond 20-something wearing a cozy sweater and Uggs in mid-August. Nearly 40% of those answering our survey won't have this problem, since they're not really fans of the PSL.

The second-most overrated drink, however, is something that's been long gone from the official menu, and the baristas will thank you not to request one-off that oh-so-annoying "secret menu": the Unicorn Frappuccino. It seems 2017's over-Instagrammed viral sensation is something 25% of the people we polled are bored to bits by after all these years. Way back in 3rd place, with just over 12%, were those who weren't thrilled with the more recent Pistachio Latte, while almost 9.5% felt the same way about the Matcha Latte. Rounding out the rear were the plain old Vanilla Frappuccino with just over 7% and the hard to spell but easy to drink Caramel Macchiato. 

So what do you think, did your least favorite make the list? Or do you still like all of these, and you're going to keep on drinking them anyway? Nothing wrong with that, you like what you like. If you're going to make your poor barista dig back into the vault to get out that Unicorn Frap recipe, though, you'd better leave a nice big tip