Guy Fieri Never Leaves The Grocery Store Without Two Of These

Guy Fieri is one of our favorite celebrity chefs. He's also a man with a lot of culinary philosophy to impart on his fans. The cookbook author and host of Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" is well known for his rule of three when it comes to bacon. Fieri also doesn't believe in catering to kids who are picky eaters with kid friendly recipes. Additionally, Fieri is a big fan of kale, the trendy vegetable that's become a staple for smoothies and salads. Furthermore, Fieri eschews the use of lighter fluid, and surprisingly, Fieri hates eggs. That last one left us feeling a little scrambled, but hey, as the French say, chacun à son goût. No judgement. 

Okay, maybe we're feeling a little judgmental, but Fieri makes up for his dislike of eggs with this one endearing habit that he revealed to Food Network. The creator of Flavortown Kitchen shared a little bit about his shopping habits, and when it comes to this one food, it's so relatable. Fieri fills his shopping cart with an item that's absolutely delicious, and while they say man can't live by this food alone, we'd definitely be willing to give it a try. 

Fieri always buys a pair of this food

Fieri told Food Network he never leaves the store without two baguettes, and his fetish for this French staple may sound familiar if you're a bread lover, secretly or otherwise. "You know, a baguette or sourdough, just really good, crunchy," Fieri explained. "We get two, because one will be halfway gone by the time we get home." We get it. To quote Taylor Swift, "Two is better than one" — especially when it comes to baguettes. That crunchy, crusty, chewy bread is irresistible. And if you buy it freshly baked, right out of the oven, it's easy to understand how it might not make it home. Not to mention the second loaf is always perfect to go along with the pasta or salad you serve up for dinner later that night. 

Fieri's love of the baguette definitely redeems him in our eyes for his lack of fondness for eggs. And this culinary affection he feels for this bread is really not all that surprising. Fieri is known to use this bread to make garlic bread. The Triple-D host also uses these beautiful babies, toasted of course, to make his old school steak sandwich. Baguettes are truly delightful and this is definitely a shopping habit we can endorse.