20 Popular Pasta Brands Ranked Worst To Best

There are some foods that are so difficult to make at home that they're almost always better to order from a restaurant — think sushi or a really incredible bowl of ramen. But luckily, pasta is not one of those foods. Pasta is one of the easiest things you can cook ... even if you think you don't have any cooking skills at all. You can add basically anything to it and make it taste amazing, which is just one reason why we love it so much — and why you probably have plenty of it stocked in your pantry right now.

Whether you're more of a traditionalist when it comes to your pasta or you prefer something that has fewer carbs and is slightly healthier than a conventional pasta, there's no denying that there are plenty of options for you out there. But where should you start?

We're here to help you decide which pasta brands are worth your time and which you should skip. While this list doesn't include every single brand of pasta on the market, it does cover some of the most popular brands. So what are you waiting for? Check out our ranking of popular pasta brands from worst to first. Then try them out for yourself so you can make up your own mind.

20. Creamette

Creamette is another one of those pasta brands that's as basic as can be. You might find this one at your grocery store right next to the Ronzoni, and overall, we think they taste pretty similar. The texture of Creamette isn't great, but that doesn't mean you should avoid it completely. That's because, as the name suggests, it is a bit creamier than Ronzoni's pasta.

If you have other options available to you, you'll probably want to go with those instead of Creamette. But if you're on a budget and want to pick up some pasta to just stock in your cupboard whenever you need to make a meal in a punch, then Creamette certainly is a viable option for you.

Our tip? Just combine this pasta with plenty of sauce. The creaminess of the pasta itself will complement whatever kind of pasta sauce you choose, which can only take this pasta to the next level.

19. San Giorgio

Okay, San Giorgio might not be that far ahead of the competition when it comes to taste — this is a pretty standard pasta, and while it will get the job done, it's not necessarily anything special — but it does rank higher than some other standard brands on this list, and you might be wondering why.

First of all, while the texture of this pasta isn't ideal, it does tend to have more bite to it than many of the other brands out there. So if you love eating your pasta al dente, you will probably enjoy this stuff more than the brands above on this list.

But more importantly, this pasta brand is one to explore because you can find so many different shapes to suit your pasta preferences. For instance, if you're making stuffed pasta, the jumbo shells may just become your new best friend. But don't stop there. You can stick with store-bought or homemade classic pasta sauces when you buy bow-tie pasta or penne, or do something different with the ditalini and the orzo ... it all just depends on your creativity.

18. Great Value

You've probably noticed a theme here: A lot of these pasta brands taste pretty similar. That's not really surprising, considering that pasta is such a basic food. How different can the brands really be? In the case of Great Value, there are a few reasons why it comes out ahead.

First of all, Great Value pasta is available in so many different locations. If there is a Walmart anywhere close to you, you'll find this popular pasta brand there. That makes it super convenient and easy to access for lots of different people. And who doesn't love an accessible brand?

But even better than that is the fact that this pasta just doesn't cost much. And if you're watching your wallet, that's just what you're going for. You won't have to sacrifice taste just because you're saving money, though. "The brand says it all," says Brittany C. on Influenster. "it's a Great Value! I purchased the whole wheat variety and this product can stand next to pricier comparisons. My family loves chicken spaghetti made with this pasta. The taste and texture are perfect."

If you want to save money and get a quality product, then Great Value is a solid brand.

17. Trader Joe's

Who doesn't love a good trip to Trader Joe's? You can check out the cheese section, pick yourself out some flowers, and browse through all the new products that have just come out for the season. But while you're having all that fun, you can definitely pick up the staples you need for your pantry at the same time. That's certainly true when you grab a bag of Trader Joe's pasta.

The thing is, when you choose to get your pasta from Trader Joe's, you're going to have a lot of options. You'll have plenty of normal pasta shapes, but you can choose from other varieties too. There's the brown rice fusilli that goes with a wide variety of sauces, and the black bean rotini that's shockingly filling. Try the organic red lentil sedanini or the vegetable radiatore. And don't forget about the quick-cooking brown rice and quinoa pasta.

With all of these different options, there's a type of pasta at Trader Joe's for everyone, whether you're making the most traditional Italian dish or you're looking for something totally novel (and totally gluten-free). That variety earns it a spot pretty high up on this list.

16. Ronzoni

One of the grocery store classics, Ronzoni is available almost everywhere. There's a good chance you've seen it, and to be fair, if you just need a basic pasta, it's going to get the job done. But if you have any other options, we'd suggest that you try something else.

Ronzoni's pasta is, for the most part, pretty bland. While the company may offer a wide variety of shapes for you to choose from, they're pretty much all created equal, with a texture that leaves a lot to be desired. And it somehow doesn't pair very well with sauce. That's even more true when you consider the "healthier" Ronzoni products, like Healthy Harvest, Smart Taste, and its gluten-free line.

We will say, however, that the Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta line is pretty decent. Sure, it still has that strange texture, but the flavor of this veggie-filled pasta can add a nice touch to a dish if you're in a pinch. While we don't love Ronzoni as a whole, it won't let you down too badly if that's all that's available.

15. Colavita

Based out of New Jersey, Colavita has been importing products like pasta to sell since 1979. You can find several varieties of Colavita pasta, such as angel hair, fettuccine, fusilli, and bow ties. While Colavita can be slightly more expensive than some brands you'll see, they're worth the little extra. You'll find that they have a good flavor and texture, and many people consider Colavita to be their favorite brand.

The fettuccine and angel hair pasta come in nests, making it easy to measure servings with less guesswork. Plus, the nest angel hair pasta cooks up in just three or four minutes, making it a good variety to have around when you don't have a lot of time for cooking. To complete the Colavita pasta experience, you'll want to try making homemade pasta sauce from Colavita crushed or diced tomatoes and olive oils, which all come highly rated.

14. DeLallo

Are you looking for a premium quality pasta from a brand that you know is going to deliver every time? Do you want the packaging to fit in with your Instagram aesthetic when you post what you're making for dinner? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you should check out DeLallo's pasta. This brand may not be quite as common as others at some grocery stores, but if you can seek this stuff out, you totally should buy it.

First of all, you know you're going to get amazing quality with this pasta brand. Sure, you may have to pay a little bit more — but in the end, you'll see that it really is worth it if you have a bit of extra cash to spend. You're also going to love the fun shapes, including "shellbows," long fusilli, and radiatori. Basically, any bag of pasta from this brand is going to take your simple pasta dish to the next level.

13. Banza

Banza has a whole line of products from pasta to pizza that allows you to substitute chickpeas for conventional wheat in meals that would usually have 25% more carbs. One of the plusses of chickpea pasta (besides not aggravating wheat intolerances) is that it has 50% more protein and triple the amount of fiber. So, you're getting a far healthier pasta than usual. But how does it taste? It's actually not that different from regular pasta.

You may end up having to experiment a bit with the cooking times at first to get the pasta to the texture you like best. However, once you get it as soft as you'd like, you're going to find that it's a tasty alternative to wheat pasta. It's even good enough for an Italian to give in to eating chickpea pasta rather than wheat pasta. Plus, it's healthier without all the carbs and with more protein and fiber. While some customers prefer Barilla chickpea pasta to this one, the majority of customers are happy with this one. We suppose you'll have to test both to see what you think.

12. Mueller's

On the hunt for a solid grocery store brand of pasta? The next time you go shopping, see if you can find some pasta from Mueller's. This is another typical brand that you'll see at plenty of grocery stores, and it's one that you should consider buying.

While it's not exactly a standout brand, we have to admit that this pasta largely delivers in both taste and texture. Whether you plan on making a pasta salad and serving this pasta cold or if you'd prefer to stick with something more classic like spaghetti and meatballs, this brand is going to deliver just what you need. The pasta is versatile and goes with a wide array of sauces and flavors, which encourages you to get creative.

This pasta brand offers products that are basically a blank canvas for you to play around with. And when you consider that pasta is an ingredient that almost acts as a carrier for other, more flavorful ingredients, it's clear that Mueller's is a smart choice.

11. Sfoglini

Now, we love so many of these different pasta brands, so it's hard to choose a winner. But once you see what Sfoglini has to offer, you'll agree that it's totally earned the top spot. First of all, you're going to get top-quality pasta. This stuff always has the ideal texture, and every bite tastes like a little piece of heaven.

But what really makes this brand start apart from the rest is the fact that it offers so many pasta shapes that you can't find anywhere else. They got super creative and now offer pasta shapes like cascatelli (invented by Dan Pashman of The Sporkful podcast after a deep dive into the ultimate pasta shape), zucca, and whole grain trumpets. These unfamiliar shapes will bring a whole new experience to every pasta dish, and you're going to enjoy every single bite.

This stuff is on the expensive side, so you may not want to get it all the time. However, if you get the chance to pick some up, you definitely shouldn't hesitate. You're not going to be disappointed.

10. Manischewitz

While you might find Manischewitz noodles in the regular pasta aisle, you're also likely to find them in the grocery store section that sells kosher foods. The Manischewitz company has branched out to make a variety of foods (including pasta) since it started in 1888 as a Jewish bakery in Cincinnati, Ohio. Manischewitz has the distinction of offering kosher noodle varieties that are popular beyond the Italian shapes that are so common in the pasta aisle. These include egg noodles, barley noodles, and gluten-free noodles. They come in several shapes, ranging from alphabets, kluski, bow ties, and others.

A big part of what makes Manischewitz so good beyond the flavor is the nostalgia aspect. Sometimes being able to find different varieties like fine egg noodles makes the difference in being able to reproduce a dish that has been in the family for years. You probably won't find as many varieties of egg noodles from other brands. Plus, the brand's egg noodles taste better and provide higher customer satisfaction than other egg noodles like Pennsylvania Dutch.

9. Pastificio Di Martino

If you want to feel like you're in Italy every time you take a bite of pasta, then you have to pick up Pastificio Di Martino pasta the next time you see it. Granted, you may not find it at your local grocery store. But this stuff is so popular that some consumers seek it out anyway. You'll know this stuff is the real deal when you visit the brand's website, which first appears in Italian.

When you finally get your gigli, lumache, or linguini and cook it up, you'll see why we ranked this pasta so high. It has a texture that will remind you of fresh pasta, even though this stuff comes in a bag. It's easy to prepare perfectly every time, and you can even pick up pasta sauce from this brand to finish your meal off. We don't love that this stuff is so pricey, but we're willing to pay a little extra from time to time to experience pasta this good.

8. Barilla

If there's one pasta brand you're familiar with, it's probably Barilla. You see this brand almost everywhere, Jamie Oliver loves it, and the iconic blue box will surely catch your eye whenever you're walking down the pasta aisle. When you see this stuff, you need to stop and stock up. That's because it truly is one of the best brands out there, and it's our favorite that's widely available at pretty much every store. When you choose Barilla, you know you're getting quality. The taste is great, and the pasta never turns mushy or gets an odd texture to it. It's always dependable, despite the fact that it's not a super expensive option.

This brand also has you covered when it comes to variety. The next time you decide to make a stuffed pasta, the shells are there waiting for you. And all of your lasagna is going to turn out amazing when you use Barilla's lasagna sheets. You've likely already had Barilla pasta before, but if you haven't, it's time to give it a try.

7. Jovial

Jovial started out as a brand to address a couple's daughter's gluten sensitivities. Instead of focusing just on wheat alternatives, they also looked for wheat their daughter could tolerate better in pasta, which turned out to be einkorn wheat. Besides einkorn pasta, Jovial's pasta line also includes gluten-free pasta made from brown rice and even grain-free pasta made from cassava root.

Despite the base ingredient of Jovial pasta being unconventional, it's been a real hit. Not only is the pasta tasty, but it has a good texture for holding sauce so that the sauce doesn't just puddle at the bottom of the plate. If you've ever tried non-white wheat noodles, you know how important both of those aspects are to whether you even want to buy a particular brand again. Something else you'll notice when eating Jovial pasta is that you leave the table feeling satisfied and full. It might very well be the best gluten-free pasta you ever try, and you may even decide you like it better than regular pasta anyway. Not only is the taste great, but eating it will likely make you feel better than regular pasta if you have a wheat intolerance.

6. Mrs. Miller's

Something about buying a package of noodles in a bag instead of a box makes them feel more like an artisan purchase. However, these really do look like homemade noodles your neighbor (Mrs. Miller) might package and sell. The real Mrs. Miller is Esther Miller, who spent the 1970s and 1980s selling noodles out of her basement before the production finally ended up in a factory in 1990. The Ohio Amish family that started out making these noodles are still operating the company today, so the noodles still have the same quality they always have. You can choose from old-fashioned, flavored, whole grain, egg white, or organic egg noodles.

What set these noodles apart from so many others is that they taste homemade. So, they're going to remind you of the homemade noodles your grandma used to make for chicken noodle soup when you were a kid. While they may not taste just like your grandma's, they're going to be close. They may take a few minutes longer to cook than regular noodles, but the extra time is worth the home-cooked experience.

5. De Cecco

De Cecco may be one of the more common pasta brands out there, but that doesn't mean that it's not one of the best. There's an excellent chance that you'll find this brand on the dry foods aisle of your local grocery store, and if you see it there, you should definitely pick some up. That's because this is one of our favorite popular pasta brands on the market. When you cook it perfectly, it has an ideal al dente bite to it that makes every individual noodle taste amazing.

One other thing that's great about this brand is the fact that you get to choose from a wide variety of shapes. Stick with the relatively common rigatoni or farfalle, or try something a little bit different when you opt for the orecchiette or the gemelli. And there are even a variety of small pasta shapes, like elbows and tubetti. Basically, no matter what shape you're looking for, this brand is likely to carry it.

4. Rao's Homemade

If you're not a Rao's convert yet, you're missing out. Rao's spaghetti sauce costs sometimes twice as much as other brands, but it's worth it. Trust us. You'll never want to go back to Ragu or Prego. The same goes for Rao's pasta. Both the spaghetti sauce and pasta got their start in Rao's restaurant in New York. The restaurant decided to start selling its sauce in stores in 1992. However, the authentic Italian pasta the restaurant used wasn't available in stores until 2018. You can choose from spaghetti, penne, fusilli, linguine, rigatoni, farfalle, and fettuccine.

A big difference between Rao's and some of the brands you've likely tried before is that it has a robust flavor depth and firm texture you don't experience with ordinary noodles. The flavor and textural experience will be the same no matter which pasta style you choose, so choose the perfect shape for your dish. You're going to love the way the sauce clings to the noodles so that the flavors intertwine perfectly. Luckily, the pasta isn't as expensive as the sauce, so you can afford to give Rao's pasta a try even if you're on a budget.

3. Montebello

Noodles have been around for 4,000 years. However, you'll probably do a double-take when you see the label on Montebello pasta that says that it was established in 1388. Looking a little closer at the packaging, you'll realize that it's the Monastero di Montabello (Monastery of Montabello) that was established in the 1300s rather than the pasta. Today, the monastery in Isola del Piano (Piano Island), Italy, is home to an agricultural cooperative, a museum, and a small factory that makes Montebello pasta. If you're a big fan of Montebello pasta, you could even stay in guest rooms in the old monastery.

The flavor of Montebello pasta is excellent, which may be related to the production process. The company mixes organic flour together with local spring water to make its pasta before cutting it and drying it in special rooms in the monastery. This traditional process provides some of the best-tasting organic pasta you will ever try. It's nice and firm without being too dense. Your pasta sauce will adhere perfectly to the pasta, but it even tastes great if you decide to eat it without sauce.

2. La Molisana

La Molisana has been making pasta for over 100 years. The company was founded by the Carlone family in Molise, Italy, in 1912. The brand started winning Italian pasta awards in 1927 and hasn't stopped winning them yet. Considering the number of pasta brands and types in Italy, award-winning ones have to be special indeed. The brand even won the 2018 Leonardo Award, which is reserved for people or products that have helped to positively promote Italy's image to the world.

You'll notice the difference in this pasta immediately. It has a density and flavor that makes it stand out from the brands you've likely been using. One look at the robust construction of the fusilli corti bucati, and you're going to realize you've been eating the wrong fusilli your whole life. This is the real deal. You're not likely to go back to a cheap U.S. pasta brand after you give this one a try.

1. Dreamfields

Next up is Dreamfields, which you might have seen at your local grocery store. It is one of the more popular brands on the market. That's because it's supposedly healthier than other brands. Once upon a time, it billed itself as a low-carb pasta, but unfortunately, it ran into some legal trouble when it couldn't back up its health claims, per VeryWell Health.

The company was sued by customers who thought they could eat the pasta despite health issues because the company claimed the product was effective in modulating blood sugar levels. That's a dangerous claim to make when some people are making health decisions based on what a company tells them.

Despite its negative start, Dreamfields is overwhelmingly popular. It has thousands of 5-star ratings for its various pasta types. Diabetic customers especially like it because it contains 5 grams of fiber per serving and tastes good but doesn't seem to cause a blood sugar spike like a lot of other brands do. So, a significant portion of the overwhelmingly favorable reviews come from people thrilled that they can eat great-tasting pasta again without ill effects. The North Dakota company is so sure you'll like its pasta that it offers a money-back guarantee.