Here's How Many Chef's Jackets Maneet Chauhan Has

Maneet Chauhan has definitely warmed her way into our hearts as a judge on the competitive cooking show "Chopped." Her infectious smile and food know-how makes her a fan favorite, but she's also a hard worker. Chauhan's journey to the success that has landed upon her shoulders is the result of amazing dedication. According to the Food Network, the celebrity chef attended India's premier cooking and hotel management school, Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, and learned the ropes of hospitality as an intern before traveling to the United States; here she studied at the Culinary Institute of America and started working at some of the swankiest restaurants in New York City. 

But it was Chauhan's tenacity on "Iron Chef" that really brought the young chef to the forefront. Chauhan quickly found herself with the creme de la creme of the culinary world while using her platform to introduce us to Indian cuisine. We love that the Indian American chef always expresses a joie de vivre in both her cooking and her attire, often opting for bright colors and bold jewelry. Indeed, Chauhan's wardrobe is as exciting as her cooking. In fact, it has us wondering how many chef jackets does Chauhan have hanging in her closet? You might be surprised.

Chauhan has 15 or 16 colorful jackets

Chauhan revealed to Parade that she has enough of her bright-hued chef jackets that she doesn't have to repeat wearing one for over two weeks, "15 or 16" to be exact. That's a lot of closet space, right? Chauahn also shared that it was her husband and his aunt who inspired her to go overboard with her chef jackets. "Vivek's aunt has a boutique in India, and every time I would go there I would have these dresses made," she revealed. "Then Vivek said, 'Imagine if you had a chef's jacket which was like this.' So I went with her to the stores, we bought some fabric and she went to town with it."

The celebrity chef's love of bright colors doesn't stop with the chef jackets. Chauhan went on to share that cooking isn't her only talent, and that her love for fashion has led to her own line of accessories. We could just hear her cheerful voice when she told Parade, "I need my bling. I'm obsessed with jewelry, and people have forever been saying, 'We want it, where do we get it?' So we've launched Maneet Curated, featuring jewelry and handbags that I've collected from my travels. We'll sell it at my Nashville restaurants and through Facebook and Instagram." Sign us up!