These Are Ali Khan's Favorite BBQ Sauces

While food television fans know Ali Khan from Food Network and Cooking Channel, per his network biography, the food personality has unique opinions on his favorite BBQ sauces. Although cooks might think only of traditional American styles of barbecue sauces, like Kansas, Carolina, or even Texas, those sauces are just skimming the surface of the jar (via Taste of Home). Barbecue sauce isn't limited to just those specific categories. For Khan, his preferences take a different flavor twist. His two top picks are chimichurri and salsa. As he shared on Twitter, Khan said that he is pondering "making salsa my official bbq sauce." 

Since chimichurri remains his top choice, it begs the question why Khan would refer to chimichurri as "the last word on BBQ sauce." As Khan shared in his recipe post, comparing "American BBQ sauce to chimichurri is apples to oranges," but he appreciates the flavor that the chimichurri offers to grilled food. For those unfamiliar with chimichurri, it is an Argentinean sauce that is similar to a pesto (per While common ingredients include parsley (or other herbs), garlic, and oil, Khan shared his preferred recipe on his website. In his version, he adds red chili pepper flakes to the parsley, garlic, olive oil, and vinegar. From steaks to sausage to almost any grilled food, this recipe could be the flavor boost that has home cooks putting down the American-style barbecue sauce and putting a dollop of chimichurri on their plate.

How is salsa related to barbecue sauce?

When some people think of salsa, a bowl of chips might instantly come to mind. According to, "the signature blend of tangy and spicy in salsa makes it a versatile flavor enhancer in all kinds of dishes." That sentiment seems to be shared by Ali Khan, too, as seen in his tweet that he is thinking about making salsa his second favorite BBQ sauce. Is salsa becoming that must-have condiment for a variety of recipes?

According to the Association for Dressings and Sauces, salsa literally means sauce. Although some people limit that description to a combination of tomatoes, onions, and spices, the reality is that a salsa can be a variety of ingredients and flavors combined into a sauce. Whether used as a substitute for ketchup, barbecue sauce, or just a flavor enhancer, it is becoming a kitchen staple. Even Taste of Home shared 73 ways to use up a jar of salsa. Beyond Mexican-influenced recipes, salsa can add flavor to a burger, boost a jambalaya, or even just top some roasted pork. While the chips and salsa pairing is always a tasty snack, the reality is that salsa might be the most versatile sauce in the pantry.